Eat shit Old Navy

That time of the year again Father’s day, and for the past couple years without fail there’s always some retailer, company etc… just likes to shit on the role that Father’s play, and push the idea that fathers are unnecessary or that women are the sole parent, and the men just babysit.

This year it’s Old Navy !

They’re selling these lovely It’s Her Day t-shirts this year.

Bravo Old Navy, I use to go into your shitty store once and awhile and peruse through the god awful shirts in the men section, which is about 25% of your floor space btw and laugh at the ridiculous designs, ugly logos, patches and stripes plastered all over the shirts, dress shirts. Joking to my SO, I’d always use to comment why do they think men want to wear this crap and turn into walking billboards. Their pants, and jeans were usually pretty good and well priced which I use to buy from time to time.

But I’ll no longer be spending money there. Go fuck yourself Old Navy.


I’m not so much insulted or upset as I am just baffled at who would buy a shirt that’s good one day a year and meekly gives credit to… your wife? Mother?

It baffles me how stupid shit like this come to fruition. I mean, wasn’t there at least ONE father in the decision making process that said: “Guys, this is a little fucked up.”?.

Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentine’s Day … These aren’t real holidays. They’re just made up nonsense to trick you into buying useless shit. Why get worked up over this?

Not at all surprising. And now it will be womansplained to us why this is good for men.

The origin of Father’s day and it purpose is irrelevant. What Old Navy did is insulting to fathers.

It’s only insulting to fathers if fathers take Father’s Day seriously. Which would be a dumb thing to do.

Oh Jesus on Rollerskates…
It’s a lame t-shirt, one of millions.

Admit it, OP, redstate . com and you are parodying the “microaggresion” people, acting like someone who’s really looking for shit to get indignant about anywhere they can find it, isn’t that the schtick?

I’m not seeing any such shirt, or any Father’s Day themed shirts at all, on the Old Navy website. I did not click the link in the OP (I try to avoid clicking links for sites I’m not familiar with), but if it includes a link to the shirt on the Old Navy site could someone repost it?

A conservative blog site…

The only place that is posting this…

No such clothing article can be found on Old Navy website…

It seems unlikely…

I could be wrong but this smells like bullshit to me.

When I got the archetypal Father’s Day gift from my kids, I wasn’t offended, just baffled by their lack of irony (but they were 3 and 5, it’ll develop later).

But no one in our family’s ever taken the day seriously… but “her day”… huh? Is your birthday really your wife’s day, too? Maybe the shirt is a way to say “Yeah, I lost custody and the house and a shitload of alimony and my golf clubs. And Father’s Day.”
ETA: If this is a bullshit item, it’s well done, but such a crappy thing to do. Wouldn’t whoever did this have to be a miserable, tone deaf/unfunny human being?

Reverse image search does not find it.

I could be wrong, but this is smelling more like the author of the Redstate article just made it up.

Got it, doesn’t bother you. This thread isn’t for you.

Oh so threads are only for people who agree with the premise?

As opposed to which holidays, precisely, that aren’t just made up?

I’m amazed at the things people get upset about.

I’m with you. It’s more baffling than anything. What is the point of such a shirt? Who would buy it? Is there really enough of a market to make it worth selling?

Does this link work?

I did an image search and found lots of Old Navy links with that shirt but that shirt is now gone from the pages. Then I clicked a cached version and it was still there.

Seems legit, but Old Navy has always been dumb anyway.

Of course not, but I choose not to enact the labour of explaining why it’s offensive to me with someone who’s telling me I shouldn’t be offended.

Speaking as a father, I’ve never taken the day too seriously, but I do take exception to the notion that fathers don’t offer anything of significance to the raising of their children.