Eddie Izzard Fans I need your help!

I am a huge Eddie Izzard fan and last year I bought a copy of his vhs version of Dress to Kill. That was the HBO special that got nominated and won for an emmy. My problem is that my sister loves Eddie Izzard as much as I do and she keeps stealing my tape. So I figured for her birthday, coming up very soon, that I would buy her a copy. I go the video from his homepage but they don’t seem to be selling it anymore. I don’t know what to do. Who else would be selling it? I need your insight please!!!



I picked up a copy just a few weeks ago from Eddie’s official merchandise site here–which, as luck would have it seems to be down right now. I’m assuming that’s where you’ll find it, though.

There’s a bunch of them up on eBay.

HBO did a special on Dressed to Kill and they rerun it periodically. If you or someone you know subscribe, just keep an eye out for it and tape it.