elucidator, You Are The Ultimate Troll

We have both been here a long time. Over the years, while I have posted sometimes lame and stupid shit, and sometimes decent stuff, you have continually posted nothing.

You seem to be an intelligent sort, and occasionally post a response to a thread that i read with interest. But 90% of the time you post a lame ass response that sounds like you think you are trying to be clever and funny.

You are not clever or funny and I have noticed you rarely get responses to your apparent attempts to be clever or funny.

However, being that you toe the political line here on the dope, you always get a pass for your bullshit.

Why do you do this instead of engaging in discussion? Do you post and sit back saying “Well that was clever!”?

You post like a kid wanting message board redemption.

Why do you do that?

Then you should know that it is de rigueur to provide linked examples.

I don’t think this word means what you think it means.

I don’t think your rather vague rant is going to have much of an impact. Firstly, whatever elucidator may be doing, ‘troll’ certainly doesn’t describe it.
‘Gadfly’ probably comes a bit closer. With that said, that’s probably more in his own mind than reality, but in my mind, I’m a cartoon horse, so who am I to judge?

Secondly, I gaurantee that any response you get from the object of your scorn is going to be in the same arch, sardonic, noncommittal tone as all the rest of his posts.

Thirdly, I bet you thought I was going to say “Hi, Opal.” Well, no.

So, get off your lawn?

Threads this lame are usually in polyester pantsuits.

Seriously? Is this as bad as things have been for you lately, Klaatu? The best you can do is call out elucidator for being a troll based on…what exactly? Some drive-by posts?

Can you seriously not think of a less funny, more self-satisfied, more prolific drive-by poster who hasn’t been banned just because he’s almost but not enough of a horse’s ass? Nobody? Give it a few moments’ thought. I’ll wait.


Personally, I find **elucidator **to be pretty witty, and when he steps away from one-liners, fairly insightful.

I don’t think elucidator himself would say he was pretty.

Nor gay.

He’s okay when he isn"t playacting at being an old time lefty who hitched a ride here with the Joads.

Indeed. My guess is, ‘reasonably happy’, but I’ll let him speak for himself.

I remember that time.

I think so to, but knowing the kind of sources Klaatu must be consulting I think that one recent example from elucidator did bother Klaatu.

In in the official jerk troll climate deniers thread elucidator replies to another stupid bump from the OP troll when he goes into another tirade about the scientists committing fraud when that OP does not have good examples after investigations were made several times before:


The point from him IMHO is that indeed nonsense does deserve satirical nonsense as a reply.

Aside: I’m not participating in that thread even if that OP continues to troll me directly. The mods did recommend that to me. They already did declare the conspiracy theorist OP to be a jerk and a troll, but I really wonder why he is being allowed to bump his sorry thread so many times with no notice from the mods, seems that I have to comply to a recommendation (that I see as a good one) but that OP can ignore the rules about bumping his own thread for no good reasons.


I have a hard time remembering a lot of posters by their reputation, but isn’t Klaatu one of the resident gold plated bitches around here?

Why don’t I ever get a Pit thread? It’s not like I’ve added anything of substance in the last 15 years either.

I cant speak for 'luc, but that’s been my response to a good number of his posts through the years.

Right?? I mean, I know I’m not nearly prolific enough to qualify as “gadfly,” but some appreciation for my entire lack of relevance would be nice once in a fucking while.