EMP Device, Target: Loud Neighbor

I am not a rich man, but if it were somehow possible for me to acquire an EMP device to render my neighbors stereo system inoperable I’d scrimp and save. I’d give almost anything to be able to point the EMP gun at the paper thin wall seperating me from my South American neighbors and blast his stereo into oblivion. Got a new one with a special “bass boost” I see…ZAP!! So does anyone know of a good way to get the same result without investing my entire life’s savings into a high tech military toy?

Knock on his door and ask him to turn his stereo down? Buy him headphones? Move?

Do a web search of “Tesla”. I think you might find something of intrest.

Where is their main power supply box located?

What? I was just asking!

Buy a louder stereo. I don’t have the problem anymore, but back in the day, I had a neighbor that would wake me up playing NWA or something at 10 in the morning on a Sunday. I found 10 minutes of Napalm Death at ear shattering levels would sufficiently shut him the fuck up.

Alternately you could go know on his door, and politely ask him to turn it down.

I’m not exactly proud of it, but I did that once. Their condo had an outside box with a master switch that was unlocked. At 3 AM I threw the switch. By the time they figured it out the party had disbanded.

buy a tuba or a saxophone. Practice loudly next to said paper thin wall for long periods of time. Gain silence and impressive musical ability


After many, many times of courteously asking the downstairs apartment to turn down the bass, after many times of asking the apartment managers to do the same thing, I realized the perfect solution.

They want to play loud booming bass, then it is clearly my duty to practice dribbling a basketball above them.

Thanks for the advice guys. In my eyes I should never have to knock on his door, I have already in the past (he turned it down). The thing is, to me someone who plays their music so loud that I can hear it thumping through the wall (at 11pm at night) is so rude in the first place that he deserves no consideration from me. Thats why I’d just as soon seriptiously disable his electronics. I don’t want to call the cops, I value my ahem privacy and frankly he and his neighbors might get deported.

Now, as for the power box suggestion…you really got me thinking. The other day some kids found the boxes in the washing room and had pulled mine. He must have one for his place as well. :slight_smile:

Now, some sort of ray gun that would kill a car’s electrical system - that’s the ticket! Those stupid fucks who drive down my street shaking their corollas with bass vibes…that would fix their ricer!

Screw the powerbox, that could be illegal. I would say get them deported, then you could get some peace and quiet.

A high-power radio transmitter, while not high enough to burn-out his electronics would probably inject enough noise into the signal path (while neighbor has it up loud) to destroy the spreakers!

An EMP device is surprisingly easy to manufacture. With just a couple hardware-store items and a very tiny amount of explosives. Now, getting it focused in a single direction is hard, but if you don’t mind knocking out the entire neighborhood to get the guy, it can’t be beat :slight_smile:

Er… whistles innocently

I recall an old thread about someone who set up a bunch of panels that reflect sound back with magnification. When the neighbour turned up the volume the panels reflected the sound and the windows exploded. Sounded like fun.

Once we had to bash our (note: padded top) barstools into the ceiling for about 20 minutes. You know, because that’s just what we do sometimes. If you place the hits just right you can skip a CD player, FYI.

“EMP device. Target: Loud Neighbor,” snort, great thread title.

Find an excuse to go inside their place, perhaps you lock yourself out and need to make a call. Identify the make and model of the audio equipment. Invest in a universal remote and tune it in to their system. Use it via a window.

I used to drive my mum nuts with a universal tv remote through a kitchen window that looked over the lounge room window. She never twigged.

An electronic engineer friend I knew in China Lake got tired of punks in cars driving past his house pounding rap so he built a thingamajig out of a magnetron, a bunch of capacitors and a parabolic antenna he made out of aluminum foil. It fried a car’s electronics. After a few times, he didn’t have much noise on his street. I’m not an electronics wizard so I can’t provide detailed plans, but I know that it can be done pretty cheaply.

An alternative is to make a tape of Jimi Hendrix’s Peace in Mississippi. Over and over again. When you know he’s sleeping, turn your speakers around against the wall and put in on level 10. That’ll put hair on your ass. (provided you share a wall). If not, screw decorum and call the police. Anonymous calls are allowed, and if they can’t understand neighborly behavior, they deserve to get deported. If you like them though, have them over for a beer and discuss it with them.

If any wish-granting dieties feel generous, a nice gift would be the ability to melt speaker wire at a distance. Hey, barely a superpower, but oh, so handy,

The Chinese-designed electronic satellite weapon sounds like a real hoot, but earplugs might also be an effectife partial solution.

Also, 11pm isn’t late. :slight_smile: