ENTERPRISE - spoilers and speculation

Okay, first a spoiler or two about the rest of Season IV.
Now, the speculation. Manny Coto has indeed made ENT into a different show. It’s still not perfect, but I would rate it with most of TNG now. Seems all that was really needed was to get rid of Bergama’a stupid time travel stuff.

An early version of the trek universe should touch on a lot of canon points, but it can indeed go too far. The Spiner in jokes showed us this potential problem. Will having yet more eps about TOS/TNG/DS9 preludes backfire or will it draw in the neede viewers to give ENT a Trek 7 yr run?


This is a fan thread. If you don’t like the show or don’t care for the Trek franchise, start your own thread.

Discussion of nits and concerns are acceptable, but keep it in perspective. “I didn’t like that episode/idea” is very different from “I hate this stupid show.”

So, just keep it a fan thread, okay? All that other shit gets so tiring.

From the limited Coto Enterprise I’ve seen, I really like it. The Augments arc was pretty good for the most part but the in-jokes and the obvious parallels to TWoK in the final episode was just too much for me so I wound up putting it at a 2/5 overall instead of a 3 or 3.5.

So far as the rest of the season goes, I don’t know. On the one hand, I admit I love alt-universes so I’m a bit excited to see Mirror Enterprise (Hoshi in a midriff and mini?! :eek: Will Porthos have a goatee?) but at the same time, I’m expecting it to be bad. I don’t know… just seems like you can go to the well one time too many all too easily and after all the DS9 MU episodes, this could be it.

And please, please, please do NOT make Reed the founder of S31 as I’ve heard it suggested in other places. I HATE when the universe as depicted in franchises is too small and all the stars are integral to history or one of the most important people alive. It’s cliched, annoying, and just unbelievable. Let them just be people.

An agent a la Bashir wouldn’t be a bad idea, just not the Great Bird forsaken founder.

Aes, I sent you some tapes several days ago. Did ya get them?
The new eps start on 1/14, I believe. I’m looking forward to more great stuff this season.

How will they handle the MU on ENT if the folks in TOS seemed to think it had never happened before?

Is Chef so badly mutated that we’re never supposed to gaze upon his features?

No tapes yet.

Where’s everybody at? Recuperating?

Sounds to me like it will purely be the MU, there will no crossover. It could be an interesting little snippet of how the MU humans rose to power by the TOS time.

Well, the box is probably stuck in the holiday bottleneck. It should turn up this coming week. Five tapes.

I had just a bit of a Tylenol PM hangover, but it’s long gone. Can’t account for the others.

I read it the same as Balduran - an entire episode set in the MU, not an episode where our heroes cross over. I’m not sure how it will be explained to more casual fans but it could be fun.

"It’s been a long road
Killin’ from there to here
It’s been a long time
But our power they now fear

And the Empire’s rising high and fast
Our enemies will die
And they’re not gonna slow us down before
We’ve enslaved every world we find"

I’ve been having pointless arguments with people.

Yes, that’s all and good, but no one has answered my question. Is Porthos going to have a goatee or not? Inquiring minds need to know.

No. T’Pol, on the other hand, will.

That’s right, folks! It will be the gender-bender episode. Archer’s a woman! Hoshi’s a man!

Hoshi & Travis will get all the lines and Archer and Trip will stand around and look pretty.

Porthos will be a cat.

And Chef will be the all-powerful emperor of the Universe.

Personally I’ve alway liked Enterprise well except for the stories anyway. But seriously, Enterprise got away from the Space Ship Hyatt look. It’s more realistic when a ship is blasted to see bodies floating out into space. Angles of attack is another thing Enterprise has done better than the rest of the Star trek lot. Now that the stories have gotten better we’ve got a good show.

As for the spoiler link. If they’re going to go as far as making a new theme for Mirror then I hope it’s an arc instead of a singleton. I really hope they don’t do a Shatner episode, I can’t figure any good way to use him that doesn’t involve time travel and or invlove some super important ancestor. Spiner would be good to see again but they’d need some reason to get him out of the pokey.

I’m betting that in the Mirror Universe (excuse me – Paramount insists that it be called the “alternate universe”), Porthos is going to be a rottweiler.

So is everyone busy or are we burned out on this sort of thing now? Let’s have some fun with it. Give us your predictions for the MU (or AU). Will Archer be a tyrant? Will Hoshi be a dominatrix (down, Aes!)? Will T’Pol and Reed be an item? Will T’Pol and Hoshi be an item? Will Phlox be a monogomous xenophobe? Will the decom chamber involve several heavy overcoats?

Porthos is the communications officer and Hoshi walks around on all fours. :eek:

Trip and Reed will be fighting each other over control of the ship after they’ve beaten the crap out of Archer.

Porthos will indeed be a snarling beastie.

Phlox will eat his Sickbay critters rather than keep them around for medicinal uses.

Travis will talk.

T’Pol will try to put Chef in the Agony Booth for sneaking meat into her dinner, but Hoshi will knock her on her skinny butt.

My guesses:

[ul][li]Archer will either be imprisoned by Trip or will rule with an iron fist.[/li][li]Trip will either be the captain or a psychotic best friend to Archer and abusive husband to an unwilling T’Pol.[/li][li]T’Pol will be a slave of some sort. Or a traitor to the Vulcans helping humans catch up to them technologically speaking.[/li][li]Reed will either be a sniveling coward or the second coming of Goering.[/li][li]Phlox will be a sadistic torturer in the same vein as Holocaust doctors. Or another slave like T’Pol.[/li][li]Hoshi will be Archer’s woman and someone to be feared if he is still captain or a general kickass bitch if not. She will also wear a leather thong, bodice, and stiletto heels.[/li][li]Travis will still not get any lines.[/li]Porthos will have a goatee.[/ul]

By the way, I got the tapes today, viva. Muchas gracias, señorita bonita.

Hoshi lives!
If there is indeed no crossover in this MU ep, then perhaps we can be shown a bit more of ISS setup and operation. Also, in the MU, was First Contact still with Vulcanians?

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Section 31 will pop up investigating a Klingon infiltrator that has been surgically altered to pass as human. Reed will be suspicious enough that he’ll be invited to join at the end of the episode. He’ll stay loyal to his crew and stay.

In the mirror universe, Archer will have long scraggly hair and act like Don Quixote. Reed will have an eye patch and a shiny gloved hand and be a Goehring. Phlox will have relaxed his “human” look to show more gills and a menacing appearance. He will be experimenting on people and be eating his animals. Trip and Mayweather will use the ships equipment to spy into T’Pol’s, Hoshi’s, and other crews quarters. T’Pol will be a pre-logical Vulcan and viscious when she finds out; Hoshi will accept it as a way to seduce control over men. Trip and Reed will plot to kill Archer and succeed at the end of the episode. They will face-off as the credits roll. Porthos will be roasting over a spit as Chef is publicly beheaded for forgetting to put an apple in it’s mouth.

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