ER- 30 Oct 03- Spoilers, please

So… I got back into town after being gone for a few days. I’d set the VCR to tape ER and some other shows and it worked perfectly, EXCEPT, being about 1/4 stupid on my father’s side, I had forgotten to change the VCR clock to Daylight Savings Time. Rrrgggghhhh!!!

Could somebody please give me a synopsis of this week’s episode? I’m particularly interested in anything to do with Bob Newhart’s character since he’s going to be on several episodes. Was Coop featured very prominently in this one? (I understand he’s being considered for a permanent addition to the cast and was wondering if they’re giving him a love interest in the regulars or anything.)

Thanks for any info


Regarding Bob Newhart’s character:

[spoiler]I forget his name, but he is an architect (I think?) who is gradually losing his eyesight to a degenerative disorder. Newhart’s character is despondent over the prospect of losing his sight, and is admitted to the ER after a suicide attempt – he overdosed on some of his prescription medicine. Dr. Lewis is caring for him in the ER, but leaves Newhart’s character in his bed to care for an injured baby and that baby’s suicidal mother (who, with lighter fluid, torches herself in her car parked near the hospital).

Anyway, as Dr. Lewis’ encounters trials and tribulations with the baby and suicidal mother, Newhart’s character decides to leave the ER. He feels fien, he says to himself, and Dr. Lewis told him to wait 3 hours and it’s been 4 1/2 hours – so why not up and leave. Newhart’s character goes home and chills for a while. When Lewis discovers him missing, she wrangles up some EMTs to bring her over to Newhart’s house in an effort to stop another potential suicide attempt. Lewis and the EMTs somehow bust in to Newhart’s house, only to find that Newhart is just working on some hobby or another (model ships?). IIRC, after some hand-holding, Newhart eventually agrees to return to the ER for treatment.[/spoiler]

Regarding Coop:

[spoiler]He’s showing himself to be the most battle-ready of the interns. Coop suffers a nasty burn to his forehead while saving the suicidal mother (see above) from her self-inflicted torching. He works through his shift anyway, despite the burn.

Coop’s role gained another layer of complexity when it’s shown that he’s been hand-holding a fellow intern (can’t recall the name … red-headed guy) throughout med school. “Red” has a bad day at the ER, capped off by vomiting at a patient’s bedside in front of everyone. Red eventually loses it and walks out of the ER in disgust, with Coop in hot pursuit. Red says medicine is not for him, and he’s quitting, while Coop tries to talk Red into sticking it out. Pratt observes this scene, then walks up and tells Red something like “keep walking and don’t come back” (I think?). Coop is astonished that Pratt was so harsh, but seems to understand where Pratt was coming from.[/spoiler]

Corday found out her new boy-toy is married, when a nurse walked into a flirty surgical session and said he had a phone call. “It’s your wife”. She had a fit and bonded with Abby over coffee.
The new nurse seems rather like the impoverished blond fellow-student Carter dated. Except this one has a pre-teen son. Bets on who she ends up dating?
Ramano bitched at people and was bitched at in return. He’s becoming a more and more pitiable character as his only worth was as a brilliant surgeon. He attempted to demonstrate his new arm and broke a glass vial. Someone commented he shouldn’t do any rectal exams.
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