Eric the Half-a-Bee

Which way was Eric the Half-a-Bee halved? Fore and Aft or Starboard and Port?

Or was it just that he was a very small bee, half the size of the average bee?

He was “bisected accidentally”, therefore he was just half. Which half is unclear. It could be top and bottom, or even diagonally.

Well, if he’s been bisected, then maybe straight down the line of symmetry?

Considering that the singer “loves him carnally,” one would imagine that his back half was intact. Thus fore and aft.

But the singer goes on to qualify that this is “semi-carnally” - thus it might be a top/bottom bisection through the cloaca.

Cyril Connolly?

No - semi-carnally

walks away whistling…

Or indeed, he might have loved him oral-ly.l

There’s a certain buzz about this thread …

Well, a certain semi-buzz, anyway …

This reminds me, I’m going to see Eric Idle on stage on Oct 11th.

Should be fun!

S. Frog, sir.

Shut up!

(holds up card saying “joke”)

OK, now it is time to settle a question that has been bothering me for years.

I have Monty Python’s “All The Words”, the two-volume set of complete TV show scripts from the original series. I have thumbed, re-thumbed, re-re-thumbed, and then chewed the carpet in a mighty rage because I cannot find the Eric the Half-a-Bee sketch anywhere in it. Where and when did EtHaB make its appearance? In the original four-year run, a one-off episode (I saw the German episode once, and it wasn’t there), or someplace else?

I have nothing to add to this thread (not that this has ever stopped me before), because it’s all been said, and better than I could have. I did want to thank the previous posters, though, for the best laugh I’ve had all week.

Signing off to scrub the orange juice off of my keyboard and monitor.

The sketch in question is the “Fish License” sketch from Season Two. However, the TV version does not include the “Eric The Half-A-Bee” song. You’ll find that on the recorded version on Monty Python’s Previous Record.

No he won’t.

“A half a bee, a philosophically, must ipso facto half not be…”

Ah I love that.

I just found an LP of “Previous Record” at a record show, I had lost it for years and, as far as I know, it is not available or in print anymore (at least in the US).

The most fantastically funny comedy album of all time.

It also has vastly superior versions of “The Argument Sketch”, “Dennis Moore”, “Brontosaurus Talk” and others when compared to the TV show versions.


Different, not superior, you heathen.