Estilicon, you punk, I'm calling you out.

What exactly is your damage, punk? In this thread, Ramanujan: A minor complaint , you made the absolutely inane (which, actually, is something I expect from you: inanity), comment about “monty alert.” Now, I had said exactly nothing to you, nor anyone else for that matter, in that thread until your back-handed comment about me.

What is your problem?

I mean besides your absolute unfamiliarity with Logic, Reason, Truth, and Sanity. Your English skills vary widely from post to post, so I’ll refrain from postulating that possibly you’re off meds or on booze/drugs when you post inanities. My theory is that to describe you from the following: (a) a fool, (b) a jerk, © a jackass, (d) all of the above, I’d have to go with (d).

He is not a native speaker of English.

I couldn’t care less, erislover. That’s still no excuse for the bullshit he’s been pulling.

None of this makes sense to me.

What’s a Monty Alert, Monty?

You imply that he’s been doing this in the past, which might make your irritation make more sense – where’s the link to that thread?

He doesn’t need the link to that thread. Just this one.

Fuckin’ A, Monty, all he did was call you a hawk. Are you so sensitive that a mild barb in a pit thread is enough to start a whole new pit thread? Sure, it was a little out of the blue, but just tell him to fuck off and be done with it. Starting a new thread is a waste of bandwidth.

Also, criticizing estilicon’s English is just low. Further, posting “I couldn’t care less” when erislover points out that it’s not his native language is even lower - and the mark of a true asshole.

Neurotik, He says “bullshit he’s been pulling.” It be nice to see what bullshit the OP refers to, as a “monty-alert” doesn’t seem to be the real issue.

As long as it’s not a Full Monty Alert I’ll stay with the thread …

Monty link to something **estilicon[/B} did that is pit worthy please.

{Muttley voice}
Shaggin-fraggin-frazzlin wrong brakets frassle-huh-huh-huh
{/Muttley voice}

You are incorrect, Beeblebrox. I mentioned in the OP here that Estilicon’s “English skills vary widely.” By that I meant that often his posts are quite intelligible and often they’re impossible to parse. Given that they’re posts by the same person, that would indicate that that particular person does, in fact, have the ability to make an intelligible post. FYI: I didn’t learn English natively either. I do know some Spanish. I also know that my Spanish skills are nowhere near on a par with my English skills; therefore, I don’t jump into something headfirst where a lack of Spanish skills would be detrimental.

You are also incorrect in your assertion that all he did was call me a hawk. What he did was make a stupid comment alluding to me in a thread in which I had not participated, and the only reason for such an act would be maliciousness. The stunt he pulled was low. Instead of hijacking the thread, I started this one.

Ace: You are correct in that the real issue is that this “monty alert” comment is the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s merely the latest bullshit.

Now for links:

From the Fuck War thread:

There he decided that I was talking about him when I obviously wasn’t. He then tells a bald-faced lie: that about taking me to the Pit. Or do you not see the expression “monty alert” mentioned in the pit thread linked in my OP here?

Then, for sheer entertainment of the most bizarre kind, check out what the prospective lawyer, Estilicon, says in We are happy [the Space Shuttle] broke up..

This is just because Argentina and Chile are at war, isn’t it.

Wait …

Hey, monty, you might want to give a bit more background regarding why you think *estilicon as such an asshole. I looked at the thread you linked to, and it wasn’t even completely clear to me that his/her monty reference was directed at you personally.

Do the two of you have some ugly history of other threads that would help to put your rant in context? Something that might explain estilicon’s reference to you in the context of war? Because, at the moment, i’m sorry to say, it’s you who are looking like an over-reacting asshole.

D’oh. Damned formatting. Use PREVIEW next time.

Well, mhendo–IMHO, you didn’t read all of Estilicon’s postings in the Space Shuttle thread. & part of why I’m pitting him at the moment is that I don’t get what the need for his comment about “monty alert” was.

And it’s quite disingenous to consider that’s not directed at me. Had he said “mhendo alert,” would you think it was directed at someone else?

I think that’s obvious.

And this is just your friendly neighborhood negative reinforcement or what? What the fuck do his English skills as a non-native Speaker have to do with insulting you or whatever flew up your butt? That’s a connection I don’t have.

Great. Every time you make a post I don’t get (like, oh, the OP) do I get to make fun of you for it?

You certainly do, erislover, espcially if it’s in the Pit to begin with.

Negative reinforcement can be a good thing. For example: say someone makes an ass out of themselves by intentionally parsing my sentences differently than the way I wrote them (kind of like you just did), then getting called on that just might show you that’s not the way to do it.

My point is that it’s not his English skills that’s causing him to come across as an asshole, it’s his being an asshole that makes him come across as an asshole. Another related point to the English skills is that he’s already proven that he can, in fact, post in comprehensible English; therefore, it’s an invalid excuse that he’s a non-native speaker of English.

Hah! “[…] espcially […]” should be “[…] especially […].”

You can’t have it both ways, Monty

But your OP states:

If the inanity of the “Monty alert” comment is what makes him an “asshole”, and you imply that the inanity does not stem from meds, booze, or drugs - but rather from varying English skills; then you are implying that his English skills are part of your problem with him. Therefore, regardless of questions relating to estilicon’s tact, you are acting like an ass.

Monty Alert: Here is where Monty accuses me of “parsing his sentences” in an attempt to backpedal away from his own contradictary statements and thus avoid admiting to any mistakes.

I seem to remember a thread, about a year or perhaps more old when Monty and Estilicón engaged in an argument for what was apparently a translation error or a misunderstanding due to the language differences.

In any case, I do agree that Monty is overreaction, given the evidence.