Even more fun with Sequential threads!

I couldn’t resist:

Felching News
You ate WHAT?

Man-pickle?? MAN-PICKLE!!!
WHAT has the world come to, I ask you!

“Take the religion quiz!”
featured in the:
“Felching news”

Okay so I added a line, gimme a break I am bored.

Damn, Mr. C. You saw it first, and then I went and posted it in the wrong thread anyway…

Time to go home, I think.

Seen in various locations :

If you worked at a video store, what would you watch?
Hair Dye … again.

30 million barrels of oil
Creationists call for Debate

Israeli Rocket Attacks
Moved Threads

The Real cause of Climate Change
Is Tommy Chong going to move to Alaska?

my favorite that I forgot to put up here, I saw it a few days ago :

Coeds, Keggers, Cheerleaders, Happy Hour, Tailgating, and Casual Sex!
A Graduate Degree Program that appeals to me

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.
I’m taking out my pigtails.

oops, just spotted two more I couldn’t pass up.

100!! WOO HOO!!
Awww…How cute…

Yoo-Hoo, Baglady!
Apparently, I have no underwear on.

This was back a few, but I wrote it down:

I’m Becoming… a … Housewife?

Oh great, felching goes mainstream

My goodness, that was startling.