Ever had a partner that says they're ugly?

Tonight my wife was saying how good looking I am and I said she’s “cute”. She said she’s ugly and fugly ("f***ing ugly). Again I said she’s cute. One of her friends used to be a model but is now somewhat overweight and apparently has also said that she (the friend) is ugly…
I’ve heard about drama queens that say they’re ugly. Also there’s One Direction’s song: “You don’t know you’re beautiful, Oh, oh, That’s what makes you beautiful”
BTW in the past my wife said she’s had average looks. She’s also said that when she was younger people called her “the body” and said she was a “9”.

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Every woman I have ever known thinks they look fat. I haven’t heard ugly yet.

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Clearly we are all unable to comment on this without photographic evidence…

Telling her she’s cute, while doing the air quote thing doesn’t really bolster her ego. Try leaving the air quotes out and attempt to sound sincere.

The quotes are there because that is the exact wording I used.

So you didn’t actually make air quotes? Did you sound sorta sincere? Could she see your fingers crossed behind your back?

Seriously, have you given her flowers lately?

You don’t believe everything she says, do you? Didn’t she once tell you she had a penis?

The correct answer is, “you’re beautiful to me, and that’s what counts.” If that weren’t true, you wouldn’t have married her… right?

Sometimes I read your threads about her and think, “the only thing those two crazy kids have in common is their massive insecurity.”

She has an ugly boyfriend on the side and she wants to justify leaving you because you spend too much time talking about her on the internet.

Just my guess, and I could be wrong.

It could be true and she just didn’t include “severed” because she has a lisp.

I was always “that woman”. Always feeling inadequate in the world of beauty that we belong in. But I made myself think differently.

Every person I would see, outwardly beautiful or completely unattractive to me, I would find a quality about them that I feel is beautiful/handsome. Amazing green eyes. Beautiful blonde hair. Sweet smile.

In finding beauty in everyone else, it helped me pick out qualities about myself that I find beautiful. I might not like the overall picture, but I no longer see myself as “ugly”.

Does she take care of herself? My wife uses a word for women who are unattractive mainly because they don’t put any effort in their appearance or take pride in themselves- fodongas. A fondonga woman is frumpy, plain, dumpy but worst of all does nothing about it. Fodongas tend to get very defensive about their fondonga-ness because even though they are self conscious, they wont do anything to change it. Which is even uglier than their appearance.

I hope your wife isn’t fodonga, JohnClay.

Is your wife Mexican? I ask because that’s a fairly common word for slob in Mexican Spanish.

Oh, and to answer the OP, my wife believes she’s fat and unattractive. I say “believes” because I don’t think she’s just saying it to fish for reassurances/compliments. She has a legitimately low concept of her own attractiveness that is completely at odds with reality, objective as well as subjective.

Reality: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ben1cs/5516150022

I think “you’re beautiful” does the job by itself. “You’re beautiful to me” sort of implies other people would find her ugly, and you probably shouldn’t say your opinion counts more than hers.

We’re going to need a picture to know if your wife is fugly or not.

Also why are you listening to One Direction?

Does a “5” count as fugly?
And who in the hell calls their wife cute? (In the context that the OP used it.)

One of him too, so we can see whether his wife is lying.

As soon as I opened this thread, I did a ctrl-f on “belly.”

Just sayin’…