Ever read any Doper's every post?

With the search feature it is possible to go back and read someones every post here (hacked posts and sock-puppets aside that is). Ever done it? Was it a low post count havin’ type? It would be a little rough to try to read every post by people with post counts above a thousand (note mine is below 1000 but above 700: Red Dope Double Secret Clique Level 3 - worthy of being read unlike those snobby 1000+ type of clique members). Whose whole body of SDMB work have you viewed? I don’t think I have even read all of MY posts. . .

DaLovin’ Dj

I read almost all of lobley’s posts recently to see why he was apologizing to **SexyWriter **and because he only had 100 something posts. I was all ready to tell him, “From Post #1, you were a ______,” but after I actually read them, they were pretty harmless until he had the brilliant idea to post a thread in GD about Marxism, stating he had only just learned everything he knew about it the other night in a conversation with his step-dad! The pile-up started, he got defensive, then belligerent, then whiney, then apologetic. I would not recommend to anyone reading any or all of his posts or threads. I feel kind of icky to have read all of this person’s posts, like I accidentally got a peek at him on the toilet or something. Also, his spelling and grammar suck.

I would definitely not recommend reading all of my pitifully few posts unless youwere really really bored.

All the dopers I’ve cyber-stalked have had post counts that are much to high to do this. :wink: I have however, occasionally read all the posts of new posters that made a “what a whack-job” impression.

Only if their post count is really low. Like 10 or something.

I’ve read all of handy’s posts;)

Not really on purpose, no. I’ve been here so long and read so many threads (sometimes just because there’s nothing else to do at 3 AM) that I’ve read most of some people’s posts. Maybe all, I dunno.

Off the top of my head I can’t think of anyone who has more than a hundred posts or so for whom I can say with good certainty that I’ve read all of their posts.

Well, okay, I can for one. I’m pretty sure I’ve read everything Astroboy ever posted. He and I post mainly in the same places. Plus he’s funky cool and shit like that.

I’ve read every post by zev_steinhardt.

Zev Steinhardt

Strange. 5 replies and it says only 4 on the main page. Who isn’t getting counted here? Last time I pointed out something like this it magically disappeared like Snuffaluffagus.

DaLovin’ Dj

Shit, I haven’t ever read all of my posts.

There have been a few people who I’ve really enjoyed so I’ve read quite a bit of their previous posts that I missed because I hadn’t realised how funky they are, but never all their posts. Way too much work when, if we’re honest, the majority of most people’s contributions are ones like this :wink:

I read all of Esprix’ posts - all 6000 of them…

Damn, is that why it took me 3 years to get to 100 posts?

I’m pretty much the same. I’ll search someone with a low post count who’s made an impression for some reason or other, and check them all out. Like AliTalia mentioned about lobley. Once I was convinced that someone was a sock puppet, and read through every one of their 300-odd posts collecting evidence. I have since given up this theory (it was pretty stupid). Let me think of a recent example… Well, when Flamsterette_X started posting, I read all of her early posts, but she soon outpaced my ability to keep track of her. I can’t think of anyone else offhand, but there are others. I’ve never read every post from someone with a higher count, but I’ve done searches and looked at every post on the list and read the ones that seemed interesting.

There are two or three posters who I do searches for every day to see what they’ve posted, but I will refrain from giving their names so that everyone can think it’s them.

I’ve read all of Gunslinger’s posts. He’s not hard to keep up with, though.

Wow, Euty’s read all of my posts! :: swoon ::


I tried this with a couple of my white elephant/candy swap people, just to get a feel for who they were, if I wasn’t already familiar with them.

I’d be a little overwhelmed to do this with someone who’s got hundreds of posts.

Actually, come to think of it, I checked out all of DesertGeezer’s posts early on, because he had a couple of cool threads, I liked his style, and wanted to see what else he had to say.

Sam Stone
I have not read all of their posts but both are interesting and I enjoy reading what they write.

Liquidlobotomy went through this odd stage where he/she was obsessed with muffins. Specifically, if I’m not mistaken, chocolate chip muffins. The tendency for certain unscrupulous muffin makers to put a single chocolate chip on a otherwise chip-free muffin led to my favorite doper quote: “Goddamn Muffin-Making Motherfuckers DUPED Me!”.

if someone has around 30 posts and gets banned, i usually read all of them to see what transpired, especially if it happens after i go home for the day

Only with the couple dopers I’m planning on marrying. You know who you are.

Just because of this thread I just read all of jacksen9’s posts. Yup, all 39 of them. So I can now say I’ve read all of one person’s posts…

Oh wait, I introduced somebody to the boards awhile ago, I read her first post… so that counts I guess…

(My first attempt at this was eaten by the ‘Slight Problem’ with the database, so if two show up…)

Yes, there is one person that I’ve read all his posts. I’m quite fond of him and I think he’s terribly funny and intelligent, so one day I spent several hours reading everything he’s written. Now, of course, I just read it as he writes.