Ewww - I encountered a pervert in the men's room!


I just got back from lunch hour. I went to the downtown food court, and stopped in the men’s room. I used a stall to urinate; when I was done I looked down and noticed the guy in the next stall appeared to be holding a mirror near the floor to spy on me!

I quickly left and reported it to the security office. But I went to eat in the food court, and never saw any security guards go by. I should have called 911.

THAT was skeevy!


Everybody knows you attach the mirrors discretely to the tops of your shoes!

I wouldn’t worry. He was probably only taking pictures for his website, or filming a YouTube video.

P.S. Did you see the guy come out of the restroom?

I don’t know. I didn’t wait around to see what he looked like. I did see a possible suspect come out, but I have only my suspicions on which to base that.

The correct way to handle this, I feel, is to say, " I did not vote for you, Senator and I will not jiggle your junk either."

Very creepy, what you experienced.

I guess that makes you the Man in the Mirror.

Objects in the mirror appear larger than they really are …

Objects in the Mirror Are Yuckier Than They Appear

I would have quickly turned and aimed at the mirror…

Yuck. Sorry. What’s the crime, though? I know taking photos up women’s (and girls’) skirts is legal in some states – not sure about mirrors or men’s shorts.

At the very, very least, there’s nothing like a guy feeling violated to help him gain some empathy for women. (I’m not kidding.)

Yeah, I’ll try to cut down on the violations a bit.

Just visited to say that when I opened this thread the very next one was “Help Me become Handy.” :smiley:

Yeah, but I didn’t really need to develop that empathy. I’ve already been there.

20+ years ago, I was walking down the street and 3 older women (they were in their late 20’s) came up behind me; one of them pinched me on the ass and they all basically did wolf whistles. You might think guys would like that, but I didn’t.

Maybe he was shaving, and just simply has a “wide stance”? :smiley:
Seriously, sorry that happened to you. Had to have been unsettling.

I know everybody’s gonna jump my shit for saying this (“that’s hardly an appropriate analogy, blah, blah, blah”) but if this happens to a woman we’re all over it with advice, clucking condolences, and outrage of the “castration-in-aisle-five” variety. But if it happens to a man, it’s jokefest fodder. I’m not trying to be holier-than-thou; I was tempted to make a joke too (Southern Yankee beat me to it). I just think it’s an interesting thing to observe.

Oh you poor, poor baby. :rolleyes:

Ah I see (IME most guys get their first real taste of it when I take them out to a gay club. There’s usually a bit of a stare when they come back from the men’s room, followed by a mumbled, ‘Uh, so, guys can really be aggressive dicks, can’t they?’). Like being on the receiving end of (hetero) domestic abuse, getting sexually harassed as a guy really shows you who your friends are. It sucks that so many men – and yes, women – still think that anything but laughter or a hard-on in this situation means you’re pathetic or gay. As if you should be up for a screw every second of your life, no matter where you’re getting it. Sigh.

It’s ridiculous to pretend this guy should feel the same way a woman would in a reversed situation because a group of women like that just aren’t threatening to men the way that a man or group of men can be to a woman.

Men can and do overpower or threaten to overpower women with their physical strength, so women have a good reason to be weary. Women just don’t do that as a general rule. Yeah, I’m sure you’ll come at me with an example of a case where some woman forcefully raped a man, but let’s be real: that’s exceedingly rare.

I completely agree – there is a subtle (and, often, not-so-subtle) threat in most if not all street harassment by men towards women. But there are hints of it there, too, in men towards other men, gay or not. As for women towards men – I’ll agree, I can;t imagine it outside of a hen night. Still, at least it offers a little hint of humiliation.

Personally, I think a man using a stall just to pee shows a level of prudishness and obsessive poor self-image that is borderline freaky.

Leave the stalls open for those who need them!

It wasn’t just to pee. If you must know I had colorectal surgery 6 weeks ago; I had used a urinal just before switching to the stall in question; due to a bit of surprise leakage I had to go to the stall because I had to wipe.

Thanks for making me add those details I had not really planned to divulge. Do you also walk up to people who have parked using handicapped tags to judge their disabilities?