Facebook Feature I Don't Know How To Disable

For some reason, Facebook (or maybe Windows?) has decided I want a little bar telling me the date and time of every post. Pic to follow. It interferes with what I’m trying to read sometimes, and I want to get rid of it. What do I need to do? ETA: I have the Social Fixer addon, is there a process in that addon that will help?

That’s only supposed to appear if you hover your mouse cursorover the hour part of the post, same as you will get a popup when you hover over the hour part in the top right of your post here on the SDMB.

If it’s showing all the time, I’d first suspect a browser issue. Which web browser are you using, and which version? And do you run any other extensions? Have you tried (temporarily) turning this “Social Fixer” addon off?

I’m using Chrome, and Social Fixer is actually helpful, not harmful, so I don’t think it’s bad script or whatever.

I’m not saying it is. I’m just troubleshooting. It’s possible there’s a bug in that extension. So, if you shut it off temporarily, you can see if it’s causing the problem.

I also use Chrome, and I’m not having the same problem you are. So I think it may be a bug in the addon. And the only way to check is to try turning it off for a bit.

Well I’ll be damned, disabling Social Fixer fixed it. Thanks!

Since the OP was answered might I suggest deleting Facebook completely as the better solution.

I love the 'Dope.

Any of you guys play the horses? Do stock trading?

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You can’t “delete Facebook” when you’re just going to the website in a browser on a desktop operating system like the OP. There’s nothing to delete. On a phone you can delete the app, but do they even have desktop apps for Windows or Mac?

My two iPads think they do.

I think what he meant was deactivating your Facebook account. Or if you’re not willing to go to that extreme, you could use a Chrome extension like this to prevent yourself from accessing the site at all.