Fake penis forces interstate closure

In hand? So a fake penis in the hand is worth two in the…

Well, that’s interesting.

You know, what some Doper did this just so we could all come on here and finally use the expression “penis ensues”?

A foot long?

If you’re going to go through the trouble to make a fake penis, why do it in miniature?

So it could be served in a hotdog bun, with chili on top?

So penis finally ensued in my own county! My friend is a Lee County Deputy and patrols near that area. I’ll have to grill him about this.

For the love of god, WHY?

And a month early, too. They couldn’t wait?

Good thing they specified it was a fake plastic penis, and not a real plastic penis.

Premature exultation?

If it wasn’t a real plastic penis, does that mean it was imaginary? (I love it when people say that - “Is this thing I’m holding in my hand real?” No, you’re imagining it. Now ask the question you’re really trying to ask.)

Somewhere tonite, a foot deep fake plastic vagina cries softly.