Fake penis forces interstate closure

Gotta hate it when that happens.

They can’t tell if it was for medical or recreational purposes?

Wow. Penis really did ensue. We all knew it would happen one day.
(“Over a foot long and wrapped in duct tape.” WooT.)

I thought all penes, organic or synthetic, were for recreational purposes…too funny.

I suppose it is a pipe bomb, in a way …

Over a foot long and it might be a medical device?

What doctor prescribes that?

“Suspicious package” indeed.

One who might have practiced in the nineteenth century. Gotta cure that hysteria you know.

They disabled an inert piece of plastic wrapped in duct tape? Truly amazing, these robots.

Waitaminute! Was this an 18 Inch Ice Blue Jelly Dildo by any chance?

Eh. Woulda been funnier if it were international. “Business or pleasure?”

(bolding mine)


::is approximately twelve years old::

…and Post #7, everybody.


C’mon guys, no need to be a dick about this


Disabled it from doing what, exactly?

If you don’t know what that’s for at your age, you ain’t ever gonna know.

Penis? Highway?

Pshaw! A year ago an electronic bagpipe shut down an airport.

My favorite sentence from the story was this one:

“After the drama ensued there were back-ups for about 15 minutes, but then traffic cleared to its normal levels.”

Fifteen minutes? Uh-huh. More like five.

This one does. Or certainly would, if he had one on hand. In hand. Whatever.