Famous People You Despise

My other two threads have died a quick and painless death, but I am game - who do you REALLY, seriously despise and have to see everywhere in the media?

I’ll list a few of mine:

  1. Britney Spears (hence my sig): proof that you can succeed without talent, without skill, and without intelligence. In all honesty, I took my cousin to one of her shows a few months ago, and it was painful, particularly when they took her off of the lip-sync machine. And I’m not against that type of music - I’ve said before that I actually like *nsync.

  2. Mariah Carey: please cover yourself, honey. You are shameless! I don’t want to see your boobs. Really, you should not be dressing sluttier than your counterparts, all of whom are ten years younger! She completely compromised her talent by acting like a stupid, easy person.

  3. Joan Rivers and her evil munchkin daughter, Melissa: they are both so painfully bitter and angry. If I could, I would treat them to ten years of therapy (though I’m sure Melissa has gone that route many, many times). It’s so cruel how they just attack people on national television. What gives them the right?

Ehhh, so join in. If not, I guess this thread will quickly sink to the depths, like my other two. :slight_smile:

Easy. Kathie Lee Gifford. It isn’t enough that she had to brag about how wonderful her marriage was with Frank, only to be publically humiliated when he got caught boinking some bimbo. It isn’t enough that she has to parade her kids around in public like some maniac stage-mom. She then has to go on TV with Diane Sawyer and tell us all about how her marriage is better and she has “forgiven” Frank.

Show some class, fer chrissakes.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Need I say more?

My favourite reason to hate Dr. Laura: when talking on her radio show about a 14-year-old girl who wrote a prize-winning essay on the First Amendment to the US constitution defending free speech on the Internet, she said (mentioning the girl’s name) that the girl should be sacrificed in the tradition of the Incas. She also said “If she was my daughter, I’d probably put her up for adoption.” and “Poor Sara [the essay winner] doesn’t get it. When she makes her marriage vows and her husband has sex with everybody else, let’s see if she thinks that this philosophy works.

David Arquette. Oh god, just the mention of his name sets me on edge.

Robin Williams
Stephen King
Rupert Murdoch
John Travolta
The genius who thought up “All My Children”
Joan Collins
George Steinbrenner
Kenneth Starr
ad infinitum!

Kathie Lee Gifford-EWWWWWWWWWW!
Whitney Houston-Is it just me or is acting very strange lately?
Oh, gosh, there is so many, I can’t even list all the people who absolutely drive me crazy everytime I see them! J/K, there’s not that many, but I can’t think right now.

Two that immediately spring to mind:

  1. Adam Sandler-- Call me a snob if you want to, but I just don’t think this guy is funny. At all. I mean, his “Opera Man” and “Cajun Man” bits on SNL a few years back were worthy of a chuckle or two (I guess), but I just can’t see why most people my age seem to think he’s so goddamn hysterical. Meanness can be funny… just not when he does it. Maybe he should watch John Cleese in “Fawlty Towers,” or Kevin Kline in “A Fish Called Wanda” if he wants to see how to make being a jerk funny–as it is, he just comes off like, well, a jerk.

  2. Kevin Costner-- I’m sorry, but he just sucks. Directing ONE good movie and having a few average preformances does not make him anything special, at least not in my book. He definitely doesn’t deserve the kind of reputation he has. Without “Dances With Wolves,” he’d be no different than Richard Gere (whom I also loathe)–an aging, nearly washed up pretty boy without a decent preformance in years.


I agree that Adam Sandler is VERY annoying and NOT very funny. Although, I couldn’t help but like the “Wedding SInger” When Sandler is not being a jerk, he’s a pretty cool guy. Unfortunately, it seems he is always a jerk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Celine Dion. 'nuff said.

Shannen Doherty

I’m not sure what is more of a turn-off, her terrible acting ability or her repulsive looks.

This thread reminds me of high school, where most people’s major pastime was to sit around and talk about who they thought was gross, ugly, or stupid.

I’m surprised to see such a thread on the SDMB. Think of how poor Britney would feel if she was reading the SDMB. You think these people don’t have feelings? Or do you just not care about them?

I have to say: Lauren Hill.

I went to the same middle school with her (South Orange Middle), as well as the same High School (Columbia High). I basically grew up with her; we were in the same home room and had a couple classes together. The problem is, is that she was SOOO vanilla, so white bread. Sure, she has a nice voice and all, but man, WHAT A POSER!

All this “Miseducation of Lauren Hill” is crap. At the time of my graduation, Columbia high was in the top 50 schools (out of just under 400) in New Jersey. It was a hell of a place to learn, especially for an artist.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for rediscovering your culture and the experience it can bring, but seriously, for Lauren Hill, it just seemed like a marketing ploy. I wouldn’t go so far and say I’d like to smash her pretty little face in, but… I will: I’d like to smash her pretty little face in. Effn’ poser. She sickens me.

I’m going out on a limb here.

David Letterman disappoints me 5 nights a week.

If he does one more “Let’s visit the pizza store, where there’s nothing going on … again”, I’m going to have to move him back an hour. Sorry guy, but no one said non-comedy was a sure gig.

El Smasho:

Umm, actually it’s based on a book. The Miseducation of Somebody somebody. I know, that doesn’t sound very informed. But I saw it on VH1 Pop up Video, I guess I will go research it now. At first I thought it could have been THe Education of Henry Adams, it’s about a man’s disillusionment with society, yet his inability to leave it. But I don’t know if that’s exactly right. I’m probably wrong. I’m sure if I am, somebody will call me on it. Somebody always does! :slight_smile:

Kragen -

I think Britney has feelings. I just don’t think she’d get past the part about thinking up a username.

Umm, actually it’s based on a book. The Miseducation of Somebody.
It’s The Miseducation of the Negro - so it was a statement about her heritage…if she really is so “white bread” (a phrase I cannot stand, who are we to determine what being black/white/hispanic is…but i digress) then the use of the title could be seen as superficial
my contribution to the high school slam book :):
jennifer lopez
halle berry
calista flockhart
bill maher
al franken

Rosie O’Donnel–I can’t stand her.

Cindy Crawford–she actually whined about how being pregnant was messing up her oh-so-perfect body. I’d say she sounded like a 12-year-old, but I’d be insulting too many 12-year-olds.

David Letterman–looks like he should be funny, but usually isn’t. I can do without Paul Shaffer, too.

Chris Berman–He! Could! Go! All! The! Way! But! I! Don’t! Care! So! Put! A! Sock! In! It!

Judge Judy–somebody impeach her, please.

I’m not counting any politicians, or I’d be writing this for the next 10 hours.

Ugh, Rosie O’Donnell. I’m with you all the way on that one, MysterEcks. My best friend and I used to play this game where we’d come up with a book, play, etc., that hadn’t been made into a movie yet, and then try to nominate the worst possible actors for each of the characters. We finally had to disallow two “actors,” since they made it too easy: Rosie O’Donnell and Steven Segal.

Metallica…capitalist bastards. It’s my god given right to violate copyright laws if I want to

He acting is worse. You can always throw a bag over her head.
Reading this thread I realize there are quite a few famous people I despise.

David Arquette: Dinking moron, I ALWAYS change TV channels when his 1-800-CALL ATT comercials come on.
Rosie O’Donnel: Never liked her never will.
Puff Daddy: When is the little fur wearing pimp gonna get his dick out of Biggies ass and create some music instead of remixing every damn thing he can find.
It is best I stop now. Do not want to spend all day typing my list of people “most wanted to meet in a dark alley with a baseball bat.”