What celebrity do you most revile?

Let me point out that Dennis Rodman and Rush Limbaugh are too easy to be acceptable answers to this question.


If I can’t choose Rodman or Rush, Geraldo Rivera is a good choice. What a smarmy bastard. And is it any coincidence he’s dating Darva (Marry a Millionaire) Conger? Slime attracts slime.

Woody Allen and Jerry Seinfeld. In a world of low morals, they set new records.

Geraldo is dating Darva? Isn’t that one of the signs of the Apocalypse?

My vote would have to be for Kathie Lee Gifford. The singing, the stories about her kids, the sweatshops, I hate it all.

So many celebrities, so many reasons

“Most Sanctimonious” - Kathie Lee Gifford

“Celebrity Spokesperson for the Most Dubious Cause” - Woody Harrelson (pun intended)

In the “What exactly did they ever do to earn recognition?” category - Eva and Zsa Zsa Gabor

In the category - “Most Arrogant Celebrity - Male” (For Constantly Accepting Roles in which Women Become Psycho Because They Want to Sleep With Him Sooooo Badly) - Michael Douglas

In the “If You Want To Be Taken Seriously As an Action Star, Try A Salad” category - Steven Segal

In the “Who told this Person He/She Could Act?” category - Melanie Griffith (female) and Kevin Costner (male)

Tom Cruise - just how many more “cocky, young ________” roles can we take.

Mariah Carey Any member of any boy band
Celine Dion Denise Richards
Hugh Grant Sadie Frost
Ralph Fiennes Billie Piper - a British Britnay wannabe
I could go on but I think you only asked for one. If these people would just disappear off the face of the planet, I would be so so so very happy.

The Krays. How violent London gangsters could ever be regarded as “gentlemen” and get the kinds of scenes we’ve seen at their funerals is beyond me. Making celebrities out of dyed-in-the-wool villains is just not on.

The same goes for the current mob of “football-hooligans-turned-middle-class-intellectual-wannabes” clogging up British publishing.

Tom Green and Adam Sandler. To think that these pandering, witless morons draw their audience from my peers makes me want to withdraw from society until said peers get a damn clue.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.
Pauly Shore.

Can I pick 3? If so, I choose Alec Baldwin, Jane Fonda, and, um, Jane Fonda.

Tea Leoni is the worst actress I have ever seen, anywhere, ever. She tops my hate list.

Oh yeah lets bash the celebs.

James Van der Beek, Katie Holmes…those dumb teen actors, and the Felicity girl, Keri Russels, is it? She’s SUCH a psychopath. God.

I agree w/ Adam Sandler and Tom Green.

That MTV VJ- Jesse- GAWD…I hated him.

Jennifer Love Hewitt. I’m so perky and my breasts are so big and I’m really just a dork but you think I’m hot and that’s so cool!

I just want to tie her to a chair, staple her eyelids open and force her to watch the the following movies un-MST3Ked!
Mitchell, Manos: the Hands of Fate and Space Mutiny.

I was watching cartoons (!) last night and saw a commercial for Mary Kate and Ashley dolls. Little barbie-sized dressup dolls. Ick.

My list includes:

  • Kathie Lee
  • like Zoggie said, all of those teen actors
  • Tom Green
  • Martha Stewart
  • any of the Baldwins
  • Britney Spears
  • Christina Agulira

It used to be Marilyn Manson. Then I got sick of hating someone I didn’t know.

Luckily for me, he’s not a celebrity anymore.



I think that the big breasts move her up from the “Completely Evil” category to “Significantly Evil.” Being that I’m a guy and all.

Pauley Shore; Nuff said
Jean Claude Van Damme: Big ego, little talent
Kathie Lee Gifford: just shut the f* up and go dammit.

Mr. Bean.

I can not stand watching him. It’s physically painfull!