Favorite Alcoholic Beverage/Appetizer

This is inspired by the Gin was Mother’s Milk to Her thread.

What’s your favorite drink?

Generally, mine is Long Island Tea. My husband did teach me one of his Frat beer games that I’ve gotten sort of good at (though I suspect he just enjoys watching me fuck up and getting drunk) so the occasional beer is okay too.

If you have a favorite that is uncommon, give the recipe if you can. Hey, maybe while we’re at it, we can add favorite appetizer recipes too.

I, mean, c’mon. You can’t get much more mundane or pointless than this.


Gin and Tonic usually, once and a while a 3 Mile Island Iced Tea
Appetizers, i like cheese sticks and pot stickers

Just add water, it makes it’s own sauce!

Basically, I like anything girly and sweet. Umbrellas are a plus. The two best drinks I ever had, I don’t know the names of. The first, I had in Maastricht(sp), the Netherlands, it was pale green and tasted like pistachios. The bartender said he made it up just for me, but I kinda doubt it. The second was this caramel flavoured liquor that the bartender steamed with an espresso machine frother with whipped cream on the top. Heavenly! One day I’m going to track the liqueur down and make some at home.

As for appetizers, stuffed mushrooms. Or fried mushrooms. Hmmm…I wonder if they have deep fried stuffed mushrooms?

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That’s a hard one. Favorite drink tends to change from day to day. But if I had to pick a favorite from the last 6 months or so, it would be the margaritas my man and I perfected:

1 shot top shelf silver Tequila (Herradura, El Tesoro, etc. Yes, we tried the cheap ones. No, they don’t taste the same.)
1 shot Cointreau (yes, we tried Grand Marnier. No, it doesn’t taste the same. Neither does Triple Sec)
1 shot fresh squeezed lime juice

Put in shaker filled with ice. Shake shake shake. Pour into ice-filled glass. Serve. These will get you drunk VERY fast, so watch out!

I despise alcohol (no offense to those of you who drink!), but I wanted to weigh in on my fave appetizers: fired cheese sticks and oysters on the half shell (not necessarily a the same time – well, never at the same time!) I love eating at Denny’s because I can go there after Rocky and just eat fried mozzerella. Yum. :slight_smile:


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Long Islands and margaritas (only on the rocks…the frozen ones just aren’t the same) are good. If I’m in the mood to be girly, I like a good Pink Lady, which is gin, grenadine, and cream. Tastes just like Strawberry Quik with a kick. And lately, I’ve been drinking a lot of Citron and white grapefruit juice. That’s the drink I learned to drink on.

As far as appetizers go, I really like french fries with gravy, fried mushrooms (but only if they use fresh mushrooms), raw oysters, fried green tomatoes, and practically any kind of sushi.

I don’t drink alcohol either. Every once in a while I will do a shot of Buttery Nipple (Bailey’s Irish Cream and Butterscotch Schnapps, or drink a wine cooler, but that is about it.

My favorite appetizer is fried cheese. Second favorite is Broccoli Bites, which is fried broccoli and cheese.

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Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

I don’t drink alcohol as a rule, but I do occasionally enjoy a good port after dinner. My favorite drinks are either vanilla coke, or orange italian soda. (Orange syrup and club soda with ice.)

Appetizers? Fried Mozzerella, and Uno’s Pizza Skins.

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My favorite beverage is an amaretto sour, and my favorite snack is melted swiss cheese on a seasoned Ry Krisp.

Guinness (from a can) with a jigger of vodka. Even better would be two of them.

Calamari or escargot for the appetizers.

Favorite alcoholic beverages: Strawberry daquiri, strawberry marguarita, Long Island ice tea, and rum and Coke (this is the only one I can make myself)

Favorite appetizer: gotta be the fried mozzarella sticks

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Margaritas…love them! Frozen, freshly made, cheap tequila or not,love them, love them!

Singapore Slings are yummy too. :slight_smile:

Appetizer: Ceasar Salad.

Everytime I try a new restaurant or club, or whatever…I try their Margaritas, and the ceasar salad.

I had this drink once…cherry brandy, and lemon bar mix…it tasted like candy…

I tend to guzzle my fancy drinks, so I try to stick to beer…I dont like it as much, so I drink slower. There was my birthday in '98 when I went out with friends, and was chasing shots of tequila with beer…that wasnt pretty.

1.) Heinekin
2.) Rattlesnakes by somebody who knows how to make them; my friend Clinton springs to mind.
3.) Banana daiquiries made with 151 Bacardi rum.
4.) Black & Tans
5.) A Hornsby Draft Cider in a glass with a shot of vodka, preferably a good vodka.

Margaritas…esp. from San Antonio or just south of the border.

Tequila sunrises are my favorite warm up drink.

Long Island Iced Teas.

There’s a drink I sampled when I went down to Brownsville for Memorial Weekend. It’s called the Wammy. It was basically trash can punch in a 32 ounce cup. This was a very dangerous drink.

I never should have drunk two in a two hour period. :wink:

Best appetizers: buffalo wings, fried mushrooms, chips and queso, and fried cheese.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Drink? Depends on the season and my mood…gin and tonic in summer, or limoncello (good vodka w/ lemons and some sugar marinated for weeks…or a day or two in a pinch}

Standbys: good wine or good beer. I love microbrewery beers. I’m on a kick now for Bohemia, a Mexican beer, sprtiz a little lime around…

Munchies…olives, green and black; weird cheese; calamari (love it!), more olives, fresh tortilla chips w/ homemade salsa (heavy on the cilantro); guacamole (forget the chips, I’ll just scoop it up with a spoon); marinated spicy shrimp…buffalo wings, heavy on the Tabasco.

Now I’m starving…

(and hot artichoke dip; love it and never make it for myself…hint, hint, hint…)

I don’t drink alcohol either. I’m currently a Dr Pepper fan, though, having never had it before moving to Australia six months ago.

Appetisers? Heck, I don’t eat either! I just chow down on whatever my stomach craves at the time.

Maybe I shouldn’t’ve contributed to this thread, I had nothing to say, really, did I?

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Ripple, Thunderbird, MadDog (in a bag). 2 day old donuts.

The best drink I ever had was something red (a Red Death, maybe) out of a plastic cup, in a shower with five other people. But I think that one’s kind of situationally bound. Outside of the shower, I’ll take a Cosmopolitan seven days a week & twice on Sunday. I’m also a big fan of something called Resurrection, a high-test beer brewed by a local microbrewery (The Brewer’s Art in Baltimore.)

Almost all appetizers are deep-fried & I don’t wanna be a fat chick, so I abstain. Anyway, if I ate an appetizer, I wouldn’t have room for my dinner!

Vodka Tonic or Vodka Collins

Rum and diet/coke (doesn’t matter which to me)

White wine, the drier the better - but when I want to relive my youth, I’ll have a wine cooler.

Peach schnapps


Hot Crab Dip

16oz cream cheese
1/2 chopped onion
1/2 chopped red or green pepper
couple dashes of worchestershire
couple dashes of tabasco
1/2-1 lb crab or Krab

Mix together and bake in pie pan, 350 degrees until bubbly. Add sliced almonds on the top, bake five more minutes, viola! Serve with crackers, vegies, etc.