favorite cookies

Whats your favorite kind and brand?
Mine is Keeblers Grasshoppers, chocolate mint.

Macaroons. Not the store-bought kind, the kind my wife just cooked a batch of.

My sister’s chocolate chip, or Pepperidge Farms Orange, Mint or Double Chocolate Milanos.
Oooh, now I’m hungry.

Easy…white chocolate & macadamia nut. Mrs. Fields may be the best of those. Gotta have em right out of the oven though. Mmmmmmm

choco-beurres. Plain butter cookies with a slab of chocolate (prefereably Swiss) on topl

Nutter Butter’s, not the ones shaped like peanuts, but the other ones with the globs of peanut butter in between the styrofoamy stuff.

hillbilly queen, are you saying you can still get the peanut butter globs avecstyrofoam? I LOVE those cookies but they disappeared from my local grocery shelves years ago, though I’ve looked everywhere. I was actually thinking about those cookies as my favorites as I read through the thread, and suddenly, there they were! I thought they must be a discontinued product.

They still have 'em here. Want me to send you some?

Oatmeal-raisin, although I might be the only person in the world to think so.

Definitely not the only person. They ought to be homemade and big, with plenty of raisins.

I love making the chocolate chip recipe on the Crisco butter-flavored shortening sticks. I use a whole bag of semi-sweet chips, and half a bag of toffee pieces.

Heavenly. :slight_smile:


ANZAC biscuits, Oreos and double chocolate chip cookies.

I like white chocolate chunk. Especially when it’s fresh made, but they are really expensive.

I once made some almond butter cookies (as compared to peanut butter), holy cow were those good. I didn’t believe my hands could make something so delicious.

Yes!!! Homemade chocolate chip cookies are the best :drool:

and they have to be made with the Crisco butter sticks. Just makes 'em better and puffier. Mmmmm

I just had a bunch of those tonight.

My favorite is a cookie my Mom used to make. I think it came out of a Pillsbury Bake-Off recipe book. They’re called buttersweets. An appropriate moniker as they’re primarily butter sticks and confectioner’s sugar with some coconut, walnuts and chocolate for flavoring. :slight_smile:

Clog your arteries right up. Mmmmmmm…

Homemade Butter Horns! thanks Bird for the recipe! The only cookie recipe that requires yeast, but the sugar/nut filling is the shizznit!

There is a local (I think) bakery here, Big Sky, which makes a kind of trail mix chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookie which ways 1/4 lb and is just delicious. It probably has about 1000 calories, so I can’t eat them every day and maintain my girlish figure.

Still a sucker for Walker’s shortbread, especially when I can either dip it in chocolate or just eat some chocolate chips along with it. Said chocolate chips should always be kept in the freezer, never the refrigerator, for maximum snacking satisfaction.

I posted this somewhere else, but this is a more appropriate thread.

I call these cookies Rabbit Punch cookies (eat too many, and it’s like a blow to the kidneys), or Seattle Communion Wafers (“This is the the Body of God”), or, more simply, caffeine cookies. The recipe is adapted from cookies served at Silk Road, a Sufi tea house in Chapel Hill, NC. But since my version of the cookie isn’t vegan, my version is better.

The recipe is simple: take your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, reduce the flour by about 1/4 cup, and add about 1/4 cup (or more) of Turkish-ground coffee grounds. Use good chocolate chips and, if you’re feeling extravagant, freshly-toasted chopped hazelnuts.

They’re amazingly good: one woman told me that they induced a spiritual epiphany.


Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies, slightly underdone so they’re moist and gooey, hot out of the oven, made with raspberry chocolate chips.

I hate this thread. You guys are sadists.:smiley: