Favorite Pit-isms

Ironically - this is more an IMHO thread.


I always like insults like “you smattering of congealing rectal drippings,” or “you excretion of candy-appled stupid”, or "exhalation - " or "squirting - " etc. etc.

Lobsang: Yeah, except I’m specifically asking for the type of thing that would get you booted outta IMHO. “cheesehead” doesn’t amuse me nearly as much as “fuckbreath” (good one!)

You cankerous fettered old Sou!
Not good in words, but bloody classic when said by John Cleese in Fawlty Towers, during a scene where he really loses his temper with his wife. (spelling is guesswork on my part)

sou = sow, FTR.

I think sou is the correct spelling. It’s the others I am not sure about.
And a quick search confirms that Sou is a real word. although not meaning what I thought it meant. It means ‘old french coin of little value’. I thought it meant some kind of pig.

"Sow - An adult female hog.
The adult female of several other animals, such as the bear. "
I sit corrected. (bastard)

I suspect “fettered” is really “fetid”, although Basil would probably have fettered Sybil if she’d given him half a chance.


“Go lick a diseased porcupine”


And one of my husband’s frustrated curses “I’m going to stick a rabid homosexual wombat down your conductor’s pants,and shove a diseased groundhog down your smokestack…”
(It’s a long story,he was just in a bad mood that day,and the train blocking our path was the last straw. He has used the curse on several occaisions since,modified of course.)

<hijack>You know, I think the Pit has warped my mind. The other day I was walking through the store, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a bag in the freezer case, bright red, with large, festive letters reading “Chicken FUCK NUGGETS.” I was halfway down the aisle before my feet caught up with my brain and turned me around–it actually said “Fun Nuggets.”

So then I thought to myself, what’s next, Nabisco Tugs Ahoy? Now I’m afraid to go down the cookie aisle.</hijack>

Anything with “monkey” in it tickles my funny bone. Assmonkey is my favourite word these days.


Hubby insists I add to “Dicksmack” to the list…

Dammit! Sometimes it pays to preview even short posts…meant “Dicksmack” not “to Dicksmack”. Sorry about that

It is hardly the crime of the century Taters.

Welcome to the boards.

I’m going to wait for a good opportunity to use “chicken fuck nuggest”…

One of my friends uses “slapnuts” to refer to someone who does something stupid.

I’m rather proud of coming up with:

“Did this idea flash even once through your last lonely soon-to-be-excreted neuron?”

Or something like that.

Somedays you are just oh-so inspired.

One of my oldest epithets is “dickneck.”

Rather evocative, I think.

I loved this one -

“But Sparticus demonstrated that he is a one-dimensional parrot of his zeitgeist. He has no mind. He only has a knee.”

  • from Libertarian.