Fear Itself 7/17

Tonight, a woman wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world to find that it is overrun with zombies.


It was disjointed and bizarre…

I liked the twist…She’d been a zombie all along

I think this is the best one they’ve shown.

My friend and I were periodically annoyed that the heroine was acting so silly, but in the end it all made sense.

And we were glad that she and her friend ended up as a hand-holding zombie couple shambling off into the sunset. It was demented/cute.

I didn’t see that ending coming, either. The zooming, halting, shaking camera bugged me a bit, but I got over that.

It was the first episode of Fear Itself I really liked. I totally didn’t see the big twist coming. The only thing twist I anticipated was the boyfriend/best friend betrayal but it’s fun to look back and see where all the clues were dropped:

Landlady zombie didn’t try to eat her, her best guy friend zombie demonstrated that zombies can search out an individual purposefully, old guy tried to shoot her (for all we know, she was the zombie that bit the old lady! I also wonder if she ate the girl in the elevator) zombie cop didn’t try to eat her, she couldn’t talk to anyone on the phone, her dead tarantula came back to life (dead in the flashback when the kid was in her room, alive when she “woke up” - a little foreshadow that anything that died that night would come back) Very well done!

I kept wondering what the hell the tarantula was going to be used for!

Yeah, but how do you explain the attempted mugging in the garage?

Clearly from her purposeful attempts to get to her, uh, guy, not all zombies are totally mindless, and perhaps not even aware of their state (I’m not sure she knew before she was shot given she was scared of the other zombies). He probably had places to go too! Maybe he was the sort who simply stole cars in life and didn’t know to do differently now that he was a zombie.

This was definitely the best episode they’ve shown so far. The twist was both brilliant and almost completely unexpected. Why couldn’t they have included more directors like this one?

I wasn’t clear. I assume the mugger in the garage was human at the start of the scene, because otherwise the new-from-the-elevator zombie wouldn’t have attacked him.

So why was human-mugger willing to confront a zombie with a gun?

Come to think of it, maybe it can be explained as a combo of the dim light in the garage plus Helen was relatively clean and neat for a zombie. Most of them probably died violently (and get chewed on at least some) and so have assorted wounds and blood smears to give them away, while Helen just had a nice peaceful drug OD.

Ooops. Meant to say I agree this was far the best of the ones I’ve seen. (Missed the first.)