Female dopers - would you want to watch your partner do it with another guy?

Disclaimer: There’s no agenda behind this question - I’m not expecting the outcome to be one or the other, I’m generally curious.

Sometimes when the issue of bisexuality comes up and men mention having sex with other guys, or the question of would it be an issue for a woman if a man had had sex previously with a man, I’ve seen women responding that not only is that not a problem but they’d love to see their partner doing it. So, is this actually something women would want to see, or is it a small minority? An enquiring doper would like to know. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I enjoy watching/reading gay porn, but I don’t want my husband sleeping with anyone but me. Two other guys: yes. My guy? No.

What Renee said. Are you me?? :slight_smile:

If my husband preferred men, he married the wrong person.

I don’t want to watch my partner having sex with anyone who’s not me. I don’t, in fact, want my partner having sex with anyone who’s not me whether I’m watching or not. I’m funny that way.

Now, should I stumble upon film of him having sex with another guy before he was my partner? Hold up a minute while I make some popcorn.

I don’t want to watch my husband have sex with anyone else - male or female.

Same here.

It’s not the “gay sex” aspect that would upset me, it’s that my husband would be sharing his fun bits with someone else. That’s against the rules!

I can see many non-vanilla sexual experiences that my husband and I could/would get involved in, and this would just be another one. I know he’s not gay, I trust him to be honest with me, and it sure would turn me on. As long as we discuss it beforehand, agree on the partner, and are both comfortable with it, then we’re good.

But - from prior discussions, I know that my husband has no interest in it. Too bad…

I wouldn’t want to watch, but only because I know how very much he doesn’t want to. Does that make sense? He’s really about the only person I’ve ever met who genuinely seems to be a Kinsey 0, and always has been. Watching him with another man would mean watching him be raped, or at least very unenthusiastic, and I don’t need to see that.

Now, if he changed his mind and was into it? Heck yeah! I’d love to watch him enjoy himself. Although I’d be even happier to join in. :smiley:

My husband is another who would never be up for that, so I wouldn’t want to watch in the first place. And I agree that it doesn’t have anything to do with it necessarily being gay sex. I couldn’t bring myself to see him have sex with anyone else period.

Yes. I completely agree.

Yeah, I’m gonna have to go against the tide here and say I’d mind, and not just because of the whole monogamy thing, but also because of the fucking another dude thing. Two super cute gay guys fucking can be hot, but my (supposedly straight?) guy fucking another dude, not so much.

Hell no.

If he wanted to, I guess. I’d be a bit surprised, since it’s never come up before, but if he was interested, far be it from me to say no. New things are fun.

I think my wife would rather me have sex with three smelly prostitutes during Christmas dinner in front of all her family and the uploading the video for all our friends to see.

100% agreed. My hubby is very hetero, which means that at best he would not be having a good time! While I find guy-on-guy action totally hot, I don’t want to witness my hubby having a not-good-time!

May I pose a variation here;

what if your husband (100% hetero todate) suddenly manifested an emotional response to a best buddy moving away?

(implying that they may have never ‘done the deed’ but instead, have an intense emotional bond, possibly comparable to your marriage relationship)
He isn’t physically cheating, but it looks like emotionally, you’re ‘not the only one’.
{please don’t ask why I’m asking}

I think that when one suspects infidelity, emotional or physical, a long talk and probably marriage counseling is in order. Either he is being unfaithful to your vows (I’m assuming you’re monogamous) or your trust in him is lacking, and either of those are red flags for marital health.

(And I think we know why you’re asking, but that’s okay.)

Um, no you don’t.

I’m the best buddy that moved away. John’s wife and I were both STUNNED at John’s reaction . . .


I think this is a complete overreaction, personally. Are you seriously saying that someone isn’t allowed to have an emotional connection with another human being once they get married?