'fess up, who's got some?

The point we’re trying to make is that toe-socks are first and foremost a fun article of clothing.

Personally, I have three pairs: rainbow stripes, and each toe is a different color; earthtone stripes, alas, all the toes are dark brown; pink rose and white stipes with rubber PowerPuff Girls [:D] on the soles. I like to wear them with my big knee-high lace-up boots… keeps my legs very warm in winter.

Fun? ::searches memory. It’s Monday, it’s mid-afternoon and I have a headache::

No, sorry. I don’t recall.

It seems that we have a bunch of toe sock virgins around here.

Most of the people that I have talked to that say they won’t like or haven’t worn toe socks say that the thought of their little toesies in mittens and apart from each other don’t realise that after you wear them for a few minutes you really can’t even tell.

Astroboy, I am calling on the toe sock peoples of the boards to go on a quest of finding you a fitting pair of toe socks. There has got to be a pair that will fit you.

I do! I do! I had a pair of striped ones in purple blue and such but then they got a hole in the heel :frowning: so now I have a pair that are blue and kinda tie-dyed but it looks almost like lightning! -is wearing them now- Comfy!

I think you’ll be wanting these then- they’re udderly unlike anything you’ve got!

No toe socks, but I do have a pair of those Chinese canvas boot things that have a seperate big toe.

Well I never was into that sort of kinky stuff but if you like it and they like it and it ain’t hurting anyone…

Oh toe socks? No don’t wear 'em

No toe socks for me…

I like my socks to be big and flappy, flailing wildly when I walk.

Rose :smiley:

I have to admit that I am somewhat frightened by toe socks. They scare me. If humans had a need for individual toe access, well that might be another thing.

What’s next? Toe boots? Toe skis? Will the madness never cease?

Not very interesting fact: The kabbess has a real phobia about things coming between her toes. She can’t even stand seeing me separate my toes. Or pick my toenails.

I can’t see her going for the idea of toe socks somehow.