'fess up, who's got some?

Toe socks!
I love them!
I have like six or seven pairs of them.

I never bothered to buy any. I hate the feel of stuff between my toes - I rarely wear flip-flops, even. Plus, I could never find any colors I liked.

I guess soon we’ll get a thread entitled " 'fess up, who’s got pictures of themselves nude wearing toe socks?".

Duhh. Who DOESN’T?

I have a picture of me wearing one sock.

I do. One pair. Blue stripes. I love wearing them with my Ecco sandals. However, one of my dissertation support group members confessed to me that it is very hard for him to take me seriously when I wear them.

I love toes socks!

I had a zillion pair of them in jr. high and high school, the first time they were popular. I gave my surviving pairs from that to my daughter a few years ago before they were common things again. She was quite the trendsetter.

I have toe socks and love them. They kick ass! Mine have dragonflys on them. Cuter then cute.


Now, the CORRECT thread title would have been:
"I WANT TO KNOW : Who here at the SDMB likes Toe Socksies"

Never tried them. They’re cute, but I always considered them too “gay” (yes, I can say that, I am…). Just like wearing cowboy boots with shorts (yes, I’ve done that too, only to the Pride parade).

WTF is a toe sock?

I can only assume that it is a sock that only covers a single toe, but I’d never heard of such a thing until opening this thread.

What exactly would be the purpose of such a thing?

To keep your toes warm?

Toe socks. They’re like foot gloves, as opposed to mittens. Those of you from warm climates can do you rown homework.

Mine are green and red with tiny bells, very christmasy!

Um, but I find that mittens are much warmer than gloves. The only problem is that you need to use your fingers independently from each other.

Why do you need your toes to be separated? (I had a friend in college who could kick my ass at Street Fighter playing with his feet; maybe he would use them (and no, I wasn’t bad, he was really good))

Kricket, this came at a bad time for me.

Ya see, I have big feet. ‘So what?’ you say… I’ll tell ya so what! I have BIG feet! This means that I have many pairs of socks (no toes socks, however) that do not fit me well. Most of them are rather uncomfortable!

Again, ‘So what?’ you ask…

Well, today I did my laundry… and in the process, I lost a sock! (not in the drier, either! There is no drier here! Korea seems to have missed the whole drier revolution…) The sock I lost was one of the 4 pairs of socks that I own that actually fit me comfortably!:frowning:

Heavy sigh!

It is sad to see that one, comfortable, sock hanging alone on my clothes line in front of the sink… never to be partnered or worn again… doomed to the ‘dust-rag’ hell beneath the sink (where it will never be used, of course, as I never dust!).

Poor sock. Poor Astroboy.:frowning:

Life is hard for the little things…

I have a pair! Black with bright colored stipes! (And matching mittens!)

Some of my regular socks get stuck between my toes when I walk. Does this count?

I’m with obfus on this one. I’d always choose mittens over gloves if I really needed to warm my hands. That way your body heat is being kept in a nice large cosy container rather than being divided into little pieces (technical term).

Not to mention the irritation involved in having to carefully place the things over each toe in turn. And having left- and right-socks.

No thankyouverymuch on this one.