Toe Socks

I can’t believe it took me till now to discover them. My toes are warm AND free! Why did no-one tell me of their glory and comfort? I have summertime toe dexterity in a Michigan winter. How can ordinary toe-constricting bag socks compare? I must have more. More toe socks!

I had a pair back in the 70s. they’re ok in bare feet, but stuffing them into shoes is a really huge drag. Toe cramps. Bummer.

I LOVE my toes socks! (My girlfiend got them for me.) Never had a problem putting my feet into shoes.

Ugh. Nothing makes me uncomfortable like having something stuffed between all my toes, all the time.

I read the thread title as “Toe Sucks”. I’ll bet they’re warm too. :cool:

If I see you wearing them in the summer* with your flip-flips I am gonna spill something on you. You have been warned.
*or spring, or whatever.

I must have mutant alient feet, because my toes never… line up right with the toes in damn toe socks. So I choose to hate them. Hate!

They feel fine in shoes. I hate narrow shoes, and see how toe socks would make the problem worse.
They also allow me to demonstrate foot and toe exercises without removing my sock. This is important to me, I teach a lot of toe exercises

I have some toe socks, but they always crawl off my toes during the course of the day. :frowning:

I’m with Rasa. Apparently my toes are not like other toes and I couldn’t fit into the socks at all. But they’re cute and if I wasn’t a mutant I’d be all over the idea

My fiance has two toes webbed together on each foot. (next to big toe and the middle friend) He is relegated to tabi socks permanently as they do not make toe socks for people with webbed toes.

I have a bunch of pairs of toe socks, but my big toes are noticeably larger than the intended wearer’s big toes. Luckily enough, they don’t get strangled by the snug fabric when I wear them.

Has anyone seen toe socks without goofy patterns, wacky colors, or stripes? I sure haven’t.

supervenusfreak’s sister was wearing striped green and white toe socks the other day. She looked like some kind of weird Seussian creature…

I prefer tabi-style socks, since only my big toe seems to want to stay in the toe part. All the other toes work their way out, which shoves the sock off of my big toe. With the tabi-style socks, I have the freedom of using my big toe like a thumb to pick up stuff.

Once in a great while I’ll find them at Target or some such, but usually it’s only the regular toe socks. Sigh.

<< Who’s General Failure & why’s he reading my disk? >>

I love them, except in slip on shoes.

I find if I try to slip on shoes while wearing them, they end up really tight between my toes and hurt.

But otherwise? They’re great!

I used to freak out some of the fellow students for fun by playing hack in my toe socks (it was either that or accidentally kick my backless shoes at the people on the other side of the circle).

Toe socks be comfy! I have 4 pairs. I find though that with a couple, the toes are too long for my little feet.

Fun fact I learned while wearing toe socks: I had a pair on once when one of my friends, who is Croatian, was visiting. She commented that in Croatian, there is no word for toes, so what they call toes translates to “Foot fingers”. I found this endlessly funny.

I like the idea, but I’ve got way-weird toes (I’ve got pictures, even) and they don’t feel right. If I can even get them on all of my toes, they’ll fit 1 or 2 fine but others will hurt.

What a bummer.

I love me some toe socks!
stripey ones are the best. I have a pair of pink and white ones that I LOVE and a whole bunch of other pairs of other colors.

Also, I have two really funky-looking pairs that I got for Christmas… they have furry toes! and one pair has a monkey head on the top of the foot where the fur ends (I guess the toes are supposed to be monkey limbs?) and one pair has a frog head (deformed frog? I figure the monkey’s fifth limb would be the tail, but frogs only have four limbs and I have five toes).

toe socks make me feel happy.

There is a place inline called East Bowl that has toe socks in plain colors. I am going to order some. They also have tabi socks. I will get my crazy stripe toe socks elsewhere. ( Target, you say? I must investigate further)

Well, you could also say that in Spanish, Catalan, French and Croatian the ones in your hands are “hand toes”. They’re all dedos, dits, doigts… (and whatever the Croatian term is). I don’t remember the Italian term but as far as my limited Italian reaches, it’s the same word.

My offspring and I have Nike Air Rift sneaks which have split toes so we needed tabi style socks. Nike brand are stupid-expensive but we find planty on ebay plus we just enjoy tabi socks so ebay iss our friend!

Yeah, I have a pair with koi in them.