Finally. JL "Starcrossed" airs tomorrow!

Unless my DVR is playing a cruel joke on me Cartoon Network will finally air the season 2 finale of Justice League tomorrow between 7:30 and 9. Now if only they would work of getting the last three episodes of Teen Titans out… Oh well. New Justice League!

Yep, it’s finally here.

The new season starts in August.

Yup. Airs tomorrow, and with any luck it’ll be available for filesharing within a week or two!


I’ve falled way behind on Justice League. Any hints that they may be coming to DVD?

Wow. That was definately worth the wait. Awesome episode. One question though:

How did Hawkgirl know where the Batcave was? I know she’s a detective and now I know she’s a spy, but he’s Batman. And while I’m in the spoiler box, Wally West! That settles that.

Cisco, there are individual episodes out such as “War World” and “Paraside Lost” out, but no full season yet. Batman the animated series, season one is coming out later this summer so following that JL, season one should be out in summer 2014. :slight_smile:


I cannot effing believe I forgot to set my PVR to record this!!! I swear I set earlier this week!!

Oh well, off to Amazon to order the DVD.

Very, very cool. And a nifty set-up for next season/series:

[spoiler]What/where will the new HQ be? Another satellite? The Happy Harbor Cave? The moon?

How will Jon get a new ring? (he didn’t have one at the end, his eyes were still brown?). I hope they’ll take time to explain it.

Will Hawkgirl return? Probably, and that’s a good thing. I like her, although she’s arguably redundant with WW. [/spoiler]

Great stuff. All the members (plus Alfred!), were present and useful (which has been a problem, especially for Flash, WW, and GL in the past). Favorite line:

[spoiler] Flash: What about the secret identities?
Batman: Wally West, Clark Kent, (removes cowl) Bruce Wayne.
Flash: Showoff.

Oh, and:

Flash: Hey, that’s a big dinosaur!
Alfred: And they say Batman’s the detective. [/spoiler]

Some dialog, probably not verbatim.In the batcave.
Flash: “A giant dinosaur.”
Alfred: “I can see that Batman isn’t the only detective here.”

I was wondering the exact same thing. I assumed she must have had some kind of tracking device on someone (perhaps through their communicators? Do they even have those?), because otherwise how would she have known that they were even at the Batcave, even if she knew where it was (which would also mean she knew that Bruce was Batman).

I liked the episode(s) a lot, and I hope Hawkgirl doesn’t come back, at least not for a while, just because I like that there’s actually been a lasting affect on the team for once.

And if she does come back, I’d like to see her have adopted a more Hawkwoman-esque appearance and outlook, although that might be just me.

Definitely looking forward to JL Unlimited. That brief clip we got to see of the many DC heroes lined up has me excited already (although I wish they’d change Supergirl’s outfit, that thing is hideously outdated at this point).

I can’t believe I missed this. Anyone know if Cartoon Network is going to be replaying it anytime soon?

Since the third season is scheduled to start in August, it’s possible they’ll show it again before then.


How did Hawkgirl know where the Batcave was? I know she’s a detective and now I know she’s a spy, but he’s Batman. And while I’m in the spoiler box, Wally West! That settles that.


Same question here. I wish they had addressed it with at least a line or two. The only way I can rationalize it is…

That since Hawkgirl was assigned to find out all about the Justice League and their weaknesses, she also found out their secret identities in the process.

[spoiler]He’ll simply eat enough Frosted Guardian of Oa Flakes then send in the box tops.

Seriously, is there a precedent for Lanterns breaking rings then getting new ones?[/spoiler]

My favorite line:

(Batman hits three Thanagarian soliders with Batarangs that stick in their uniforms and do nothing.)
Thanagarian solider: Your weapons are pathetic.
Batman: Wait for it.
(Bats fly out of darkness and start attacking the soliders.)

Any episode with Alfred in it is gold.

Finally saw it on the TiVo. I’m assuming that so many days out, spoiler boxes are probably unnecessary, but just to avoid someone getting pissy:

Was anyone else cracking up at the fact that the Thanagarians were going to destroy the Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass? No way that was an accident - it had to be a deliberate reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, right?

ilesharefay, you bastards! ILESHAREFAY!!!

(ahem) That is all.

Enough with the spoiler boxes already…

I want to know how did using the Watchtower to destroy the hyperspace bypass affect the other time line in the JL universe? Remeber that episode where Supes got zapped to the future and Savage made a comment about how they don’t build things like the Watchtower anymore - it had been up for what 24000 years before it came down.

Also, what was the story behind the old Hawkman? Did his story mess more with Hawkgirls cover story or her actuall story?

Aw, cripes, adam. You’ve put too much thought into this. I think we enjoy it before it goes all Crisis on us.

Anyway, I waited all week to see it and it was great. Hopefully I’ll be able to see it again soon without my wife barging around the house and my kid screaming in my ear and banging on drums.
And I just want to say; For a cartoon, Hawkgirl is gorgeous.

Hell ya.

Now, those who are more familiar with the Hawkman/ Hawkgirl mythology - are the wings detachable prosthetics, or permanent fixtures? And if the latter, how does Hawkgirl find clothes that fit? I mean, she was wearing a t-shirt/ short sleeved pullover blouse in the last scene of “Starcrossed,” and her wings were outside the shirt. If that’s the case, how did she put on the shirt?

(Yes, it’s a joke thread. But interesting to consider. :smiley: )

With my help, of course.

In the “Hereafter” timeline, Savage killed the Justice League shortly after the disappearance of Superman, and then destroyed the earth when he turned the sun red. They never had a chance to drop it. Due to the odd properties of red suns, that may have screwed up the hyperspace properties of the solar system, and forced the Thanagarians to abandon their plans.