Finding my own posts?

I don’t subscribe to threads. Because I surf the Dope from multiple locations (work, home, friends’ homes, etc.), I simply always log in via the web and click navigate about the board.

When I would like to check for responses to my posts, I either have to do a search for own username (taxing the hamsters), or dig up a recent post manually, click my own name, then ‘find all posts by’.

There must be an easier way, probably readily accessible, that I am missing. From the User CP, perhaps?

Please help fight my ignorance. Does subscribing to a thread mean you get emails with all the posts in it, or email updates when there are responses? If so, I don’t want to do that (I get hundreds of emails per day from work already). 99% of the time I’m just here to read, but when I do occasionally post, it’d be nice to find my own post and jump from there to the threads so I can see any responses or continue following the conversation.

Go to User CP and click on “Edit Options”, on the left. Change your “Default Thread Subscription Mode” to “No email notification”.

You will then be subscribed to any thread in which you post. On your User CP page you will automatically see a list of your subscribed threads that have new posts, and you can also pull up a list of all the threads you have subscribed to. You won’t get any email.

Bless you. Glad I overcame my pride and asked. It’s been a thorn in my side for a while.

{leans back and addresses ceiling} please feel free to close this thread