Flappy Birds

Has anyone else tried this game yet? I read an article online about it and downloaded it. It’s pretty amusingly horridly frustrating.

Yet, it makes me giggle.

Yeah, frustrating, but it’s no Sinistar

My niece showed it to me last weekend. It feels like it should be easy, but it certainly takes more than five minutes to get the hang of it.

My highest score is 23. It’s weird. I’ll spend 5 minutes unable to break 10 and then a zone’ll hit and I’ll get up to 20, realize what my score is and immediately die.

Also, the inability to go down is surprisingly frustrating.

13 so far.

I have never heard of “Flappy Birds” until this thread.

But the article in the Guardian made me laugh out loud, so I am going to download it. I’ll be back when I have a feel for the game and see if I can get a double digit score.

I’ve played for about 10 minutes, and my high score is

I have noticed a few things.

  1. i almost always hit the top of the pipe going in.
  2. i cannot get through anything low, as I am always afraid the bird will crash into the ground
  3. gravity sucks
  4. hearing that “bling” when I get through an opening always makes me hit the screen.
  5. i have no feel for this game, and I am not sure if it’s because my reflexes are shot, or the signal from my brain to my finger to hit the screen is all screwed up.

I cannot imagine getting 10 yet alone in the 20’s.

What in the world is the high score on this game?

Beautiful game. It is elegant in it’s simplicity.

I play it with the sound off. I find I do better when I imagine I’m bouncing the bird off the bottom pipe.

My high score is 29 after maybe 15minutes total play time.

I love how people felt the need to hack the game and ruin the leaderboards. All of the top scores are in the 2.6B range. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people that they feel the need to hack a game like this?

Disappointing really because I wouldn’t mind seeing how I stack up against actual players.

I was curious as to the high score so I did a quick search on you tube.

You can hack it to make the pipes disappear. So you literally can tap the screen forever and not run into anything. What’s the point if that?

I’m sure the 2.6 billion or whatever is just a hacked score.

People are losers. Every game they play they want a hack for. It’s a stupid little free game. Why not just enjoy it or delete it?


funny game


I doubled my high score of 2!

Woo hoo!

I am really bad at this game. Apparently, I am not alone.

Does anyone know if it just goes on forever, or if there is an end to the first level and you go to level 2?

It seems to me that it just goes on forever until you crash. I haven’t read up on the game at all. I just downloaded it and tapped the screen and off i went.

That’s the other great thing about the game. No directions required.

I tried to learn “Clash of Clans”, and I was lost after the tutorial. I think i am out of the age range for these games, because kids are playing them in their sleep, and I can’t even figure out what the hell the game is supposed to do!

That’s why this game is perfect. Even a game moron like me can figure out how to play. I stink, but I can play it.

Well, I got to 6 once.

ONCE! I immediately crashed the bird from surprise.

And I like Clash of Clans*** and learned it just by tapping things. (That’s how I learn games. The Fella reads all the info first after I’ve showed him some game I like. Him: Hey, did you know that if you type ‘x’ three times, you get ‘y’? Me: Um, yeah. (it took me three days of pressing every button to figure that out, but yeah)
And yet–it never occurs to me to RTFM.)
***Which I downloaded b/c of the commercial with the “Hog Rider!” (Man, I’ve got to find a job!)

Well, the news is good.

I broke double digits. 11 is my new high score. And you get a gold medal to boot!

Time to pack this one away. I’ve done all I can do. :cool:

I hate to tell you this but that’s bronze. You need to crack 30 to get a gold medal.



Well, it’s STILL all i can do. I’ll take the bronze.


  1. I’d never heard of this game until I saw the thread title (but did not read it).
  2. My kids were going apeshit over the game last night at dinner.
  3. The developer has apparently just pulled the game from the mobile stores because “he just can’t take it - sorry.”

I want to attribute some human factor to the last, but how many want to put their wooden nickel on it involving a big buyout by Roxio or Potato Games or one of the other big game vendors?

Funny you mention the game being pulled.

I played the game for a little while the past few days and thought to myself “this guy could make a fortune if he had different color birds to choose from, or gave the user some way to choose which bird to use.”

I opened the game this morning and noticed that there have been some changes to the game… There are different times of the day that are represented now, and there are a number of different colors the bird appears in. The bird itself is exactly the same, but now it shows up in blue, green, and a couple of other colors. I like the night time game board the best.

There doesn’t seem to be any settings that control this. And if there is, I must have activated it by accident, because I know of no way to turn the game back to the way it was.

Perhaps someone did buy it, or maybe he made a couple of quick changes before he pulled it. But I predict stuffed “flappy birds” will be for sale shortly.