Flyer pings the bigot radar.

I’ve never taken note of Flyer before. But here are two recent hits on the bigot radar:

Good to know.

Yeah, a real “piece of work” there.

He’s also a young earth creationist.

Trifecta of stupid.


Who is the alt-left? Are these the demons that live inside the mind of Sean Hannity?

New thesaurus?

I wish you’d led with “alt-left” so I wouldn’t have wasted my time reading all those other words.

At least it took until the afternoon for me to hear the stupidest thing I was going to hear all day.

(ETA: That’s covfefe, not VT or the others…)

What’s wrong?..Regerts?

Anyone who uses the term ‘alt-left’ can be dismissed as a Know-Nothing who is incredibly ignorant of the real world and is thoroughly ensconced in the invented non-reality of the conservatives.

Man of words, while you’re sharing idiot words, I have a question. Is there a word for when a “NM” comes too late, and the post has already been quoted?

The day’s still young.

Sometimes you just know.

I have to smile about a couple of things in this thread. One is that covfefe’s omnibus pejoratives list was successfully captured and reproduced before he managed to delete it;* another is that he seems to have successfully diverted focus away from the titular subject of the Pitting.

*(almost as if, seeing that it had accomplished its purpose, he decided to put it away for redeployment at another time)

Well, if there isn’t yet, I’d like to nominate “Regerts”…

I’m glad it didn’t go unnoticed.

Don’t forget chemtrail believer, and misogynist.

Apparently they’re a bunch of violent wimps, based on the list.

Don’t forget misogynist. His idea of “half-naked”.