Foods you adore that everyone around you absolutely hates!!

Everyone has got a distinctive thing they like that may be out of the norm, so let’s hear em! Paste, Baby Food, off the wall foods.

Me I like super super sour pickles but I think I like vinegar and have drank it on dares. Also, I like goat cheese pizza with garlic, super hot and spicy beef jerky (the tougher the better), and red eyes ( a drink…look it up if you don’t know what it is)

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Shit on a shingle.

I bad mouth it around others, 'cause that’s what’s expected. But secretly…

Mmm-mmm, good.

I just LOVE the seafood salad from back home in Brooklyn. It makes all my friends sick to see me eat it, and my husband turned green when I explained it to him, but I love the stuff. It has calamari, conch and octopus in what I think is oil and lemon, along with some cut up celery. The squid tentacles are my favorite, and sometimes, if I do it just right, I can get the octopus pieces to stick to the side of the bowl with their suckers. They unstick with a nice little ‘pop’. The only bad part is when the squid isn’t cleaned right, and I bite into one of their little beaks. :frowning:

Well some of my favorite things are :

Cold buttermilk with hot cornbread crumbled up in it, add salt and pepper and that is some great food.

Then there is the banana sandwich, slices of banana on white bread with mayo, salt and pepper.

Lion won’t touch either of them , neither will son ,I don’t understand why.

Ayesha - Lioness

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I love liver, but for some reason no one will join me.

I opened the door, and look who I found. Damn I’m good

God, Blue…I’m going to print that post as an appetite suppresant. :::shudder:::

Anyway, I LOVE Slim Jims, Beef Jerky- all that fake beefy stuff. MMMMMmmmmm.

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Not enough and you’re gonna die…
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Pinto beans, slow cooked with bacon.

Yeah, that sounds normal. Until you realize that the best way to eat them is to mix a liberal amount of cottage cheese into the bowl of piping-hot beans. Yum!

MmmMmmm: fresh Durian !

Scrapple (all the parts of the pig they don’t use for sausage,ham,etc mixed with cornmeal and fried)

Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches (dill pickles fo course)

Pickled Herring (not the creamed kind tho)

Stewed okra and tomatos are great w/blackeyed peas and cornbread.
Chicken gizzards and livers are fine, too.

Once a month (always on a Sunday morning) I’ll get an acquired craving for Menudo. The rich broth is served with onions and lemons.

Darn. This flings a craving on me

I am one of those weirdos who actually likes saurekraut. Not necessarily “adore” it, but I do like it.

Ahhh, calamari. Whole and unfried with the tentacles still atttached.

But making the suckers on the tentacle suck and unsuck on the bowl is not the best part. The best part is to have a tentacle hang out from between your lips. That gives your friends and loved ones (who can’t believe you’re eating it in the first place) the greatest gross out factor.


Anchovies!! Order 'em on the side with your pizza. Break the crusts up & stuff 'em with anchovies and rub 'em around in the pepperoni grease. Take a big sniff before eating just to annoy the crowd. Yummy!

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I love Soylent Green but everytime I eat it, people around me give me these weird looks. I dunno, it’s like they know something I don’t.

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The black jelly beans. The bags of just black jelly beans are my favorite.

Anchovie and pineapple pizza-The Sweet and Sour Special! It goes great with a triple espresso.

I wholeheartedly agree with the pickled herring, anchovies and calamari. Seafoods, I think, are to some degree socially unacceptable in our society. Go figure. I discovered, recently, pizza with anchovies and capers. Yay!
Kim chee. Yay for kim chee!
Things I do not like that make me a social pariah in our fine land: catsup, peanut butter, and chocolate.

Mmmm… liver and onions.
brussel sprouts and mayonaise
black licorice
and smoked oysters.

well maybe not at all the same time tho =)

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I think that would be octopus, calamari are squid and they don’t have tentacles. Well, at least not the tentacles with the little suction cups anyway. I should know, I pick up calamari at the supermarket all the time. But not to eat, I use 'em for bait!