For the LAST TIME...

Holy shit, ya psycho. I think maybe it has less to do with “What about the CHILDREN!?” and more to do with it being a fucking stupid idea for a 47 year old man to say that to a little girl. That would be double stupid when he’s already got the parents pissed off at him for taking a picture of her. What snuggly bunny world do you live in where that would end up being a good thing for the OP?

On a side note: thank you for helping me put a face to a phrase. I’ve seen people here say things like “Never stick your dick in crazy” but never had someone’s face to put with it. Now I do! I doubt that **choie **was honestly that shocked by what you said in your PM and more that you’d be so spittle-flying-CRAZY that you’d send a PM at all about such a tame comment that he/she made about you in the first place. Maybe it is you that should stay out of the Pit.

Holy shit, dude. Take a step back from the keyboard. Seriously. You don’t need to whip out your Internet !1111oneoneflamethrower just because someone didn’t like your stupid joke. Yeah, yeah, it’s the Pit. But this post makes you sound like a crazy person.

Odd how I’ve gone 41 years without being professionally diagnosed as any kind of mentally ill and never knew I was a psycho! Thanks!

Look, my point is that as a mother of three myself, if you won’t take steps to control your child, then I will. It takes a village, you know. Letting a little girl know that you’ll be there when she starts acting unacceptably isn’t the criminal act you make it out to be. I’ve threatened my children plenty of times, and they’re all relatively normal.

Yes, because threatening your own child is exactly the same as a 40something single guy threatening the neighbor’s kid.

Besides which, I thought you were joking. Were you seriously suggesting that the OP tell the neighbor’s kid menacingly that he’ll “see her later”? Because as a joke, it was just unfunny. As a serious suggestion, it’s fucking insane.

I was suggesting that the OP let the girl know in no uncertain terms that he will see her that night if she makes that choice to come run and scream in the halls after quiet time starts. Looking back I can see how it could be construed in a much darker way, but since I’m actually not a psycho, I hadn’t considered that.

I’m having trouble figuring out what the lighter construction might be.

Ok, stop the bullshit. Your words are right there for us all to read. Please don’t pretend that you meant it as just a throwaway “O I’ll see you tonight when you’re running the halls!” thing because why would that “scare the shit” out of her?

I can understand why you’d be furiously backpedaling in this thread considering the bizarre attitude you’ve displayed here, but please don’t try to spin it that much.

While a camera might not be practical, at least have a digital voice recorder with you whenever you have any interaction with these fine examples of metabolic waste. Something like the above mentioned coaching would play very well for management.

Yeah, I certainly hope that’s true. But it doesn’t matter what your own parenting is like: a 47-year-old man trying to intimidate / threaten a ten-year-old girl who’s not his own child is a recipe for disaster, especially these days. What a parent can say, and what a neighbor who’s already seen in an adversarial context might say, are very, very different things. You really don’t think the OP would be setting himself up for some serious problems if he made a comment like that to what’s basically a 10-year-old stranger?

And wait, I thought your story was that your post was just a joke. Now you’re admitting it was actual advice? Might wanna decide which defense you’re using.

BTW, your MPSIMS rainbow-and-puppy, sheltered life comment is hilarious. You are sooo talking to the wrong gal. Which frankly doesn’t even matter – even if I were the most kitten-cuddling, marshmallow-soft, goody-two-shoes on the board, why on earth would you get so upset over my mild expression of dismay, to the point that you had to send off an obnoxious private message rather than spewing your vitriol here? For that matter, did you send “Rhymes with witch” and “take the stick out of your ass” PMs to the two other people who noted that your advice sucked, or was I the only lucky recipient?

Get. Some. Perspective.

Ha- no, actually, the “threat” part only comes from her wondering what I’d do if I were to see her in the halls… pretty benign in light of her own actions. Oh wait no I meant I was going to creep into her bedroom wearing all black, the blade of my steely knife glinting in the moonlight… :rolleyes:, yup, that’s me.

I haven’t been there in a while—I find the friendly environment hostile—but is it really all gay furries now?


The sticks up some of your asses must be as large as redwood trees, holy shit.

That was a joke by the way, since most of this thread seems to lack a sense of humor.

Can we lose our shit on Hal Briston next for suggesting the OP use caltrops on a kid? Everyone knows those are for adults and vehicles only, not kids. Bastard Hal! How could you suggest such a thing? I’m so surprised and disappointed in you!

And Really Not All That Bright is definitely not getting away with his comment either.

I’ve got an extra tarp, you know.

Bitch please

(More humor for those of you that are unable to process such things)

Just an idea…

Are there any Chick Tracts that have little girls making noise in the hallways late at night going to hell?

If there are maybe you could pass those out?

Seems like a bullet proof defense to me…freedom of religion AND freedom of speech rolled into one :slight_smile:

Jokes don’t get funnier if you explain them or berate people for not getting them, Alice. Comedy 101.

Personally, I’d avoid talking to the kid at all, just record the nuisances as well as the interactions with the parents and file the complaints. There’s nothing to be gained from talking to the child and all it takes it one fib on her part (“when he took my picture, he was touching himself!”) to thoroughly fuck the situation even more than it already is.

What a whole bucket of awesome that’d be.

Stopped by the Office this morning. Woman there pulls the “I don’t know anything about this” bit when I know she was in the room last time I went there. Tries to tell me “it’s just your word against theirs”. No, bitch, it isn’t. Your after hours person admitted seeing them running around that night at 10:40pm and telling them to go home. The building engineer who just walked out of this room told you that HE had seen them running around late at night and knew exactly who they were. It isn’t just my word against theirs, two of your own people have stated very clearly that they have personally witnessed this behavior.

Building Manager is on vacation, so she said that she would draft a letter to the parents giving them a ‘written warning’ about the behavior, but that it would have to wait until next week when the manager returned.

Let her know that my next stop was the Police department.

Spoke to an officer for about 10 minutes or so. Filed a report, got a case number. Was advised that if my building isn’t dealing with it, I should have no further contact with the parents or the kid, I should make no further reports to my office. “You’ve done everything you can.” No pictures or video surveillance.

From now on, I am simply to reach for the phone and call 911 each and every time this kid wakes me up.

If they catch the kid in the hall at that hours, it becomes a “social services” issue.

And by city ordinance, the third time I call, they are subject to a $250 fine.

Which of course, will probably bring a huge amount of retaliation.

Well, it sounds like you’re getting somewhere with it. I hate to say it because I hate it when the jerks win, but since you’re a renter and you can pick up sticks, have you considered just moving to somewhere where the people and management aren’t assholes?

Throw a bucket of water on the kid. Then Mommy has to admit her kid was outside running around if she wants to report you.

OK, don’t do that. Just enjoy saying “The police have been notified” when those jerks confront you again.

Woah, hold up! I wasn’t suggesting using caltrops on the kid! I was merely suggesting spreading them around so the kids would think there was some sort of imminent danger in the halls that would require the use of caltrops, and therefor an unsafe place to run around screaming their heads off.

Perfectly innocent, I tells ya.