For the love of God, don't say zesty!

So, I’m watching Millionaire last night, and someone calls a lifeline. (Can’t remember the question, doesn’t matter.) The guy answers the phone, and Regis asks him how he’s doing.

He answers, “Zesty!”

Yeah, I’m sure he got it from the goddamned Taco Bell commercial, the one where the two losers on the bench can only say that word when they see something they like (cars, tits and ass, some new Taco Bell concoction made from the same 7 ingredients every other item consists of, etc.)

I thought the fucking dog was annoying, but Taco Bell had to go and replace him with something even more inane.

My wife and I rolled our eyes at each other when we first saw the Zesty commercial, and now we cringe when we see it. So, we couldn’t believe that somebody would adopt the phrase and then think he was going to be cool by using it on national TV. (Nobody in the audience laughed, least of all Regis.)

What’s with people and empty catch phrases. I mean, Whassup!

Where’s the Beef?

Regis, Taco Bell, the entire fast food corporate mechanism for that matter, and anyone that says, “Zesty!” can all go straight to hell (figuratively speaking) as far as I’m concerned.

I didn’t do it.

[slight hijack]It irritates me, the way Taco Bell puts together the same damn thing in a slightly different way every month or so & then expects the fast-food eating public to get all worked up about it. I mean, how many ways are there to put together beans, meat, cheese, & tortillas? & I have it on good authority that dog poop tastes a lot like Taco Bell.
[/slight hijack]

I haven’t seen that commercial, but anyone who would talk to Regis Philbin, let alone claim publicly to be feeling “zesty” should not be allowed to reproduce.

I sense some strong anti-Regis feelings here. Are we just not fans of his game show skills, or do we get jealous he’s making so much for asking questions?

Or is it C) No, I love Kathie Lee, instead.

I’m not really a pit girl but here goes… they taught my 3 year old how to say “zesty” at day care! Can you imagine? They thought it was adorable but it’s driving me crazy–3 yr olds have to say everything at least 100 times a day! His brother laughs which encourages him even more…ahhhhh!

…and haven’t these people noticed that the ones saying “Zesty” in the commercial aren’t really the type anybody should want to emulate? For chrissakes, I’d rather take after the Donovan-wannabe they call “NOT Zesty” than these two rejects!

Miss B., you have my condolences. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m sooo glad I’m not you.

At the same time, I can’t imagine what unspeakable horrors my child might put me through in a few years (she’s 2-1/2 months).

I have four wonderfull heathens that say it oh, let’s say every hour on the hour.

Puppy dogs and humming birds…

:: ducking and running ::

Crispy. Crispy chicken, crispy pastry, crispy fries, crispy cereal.

takes very deep breath


Thank you.

You called? :slight_smile:

Actually, the answer (at least for me) is D) He’s an annoying, smarmy little twit who’s not nearly as witty as he seems to think he is.

In all fairness, he’s not as irritating as he was at the beginning of WWTBAM’s run, nor is he nearly as annoying as he is as the cohost of his talk show.

I think that’s the whole point of the joke, a la the “wuzzup” guys.

And yes, the “zesty” tagline has already gotten very old. I’m missing the “My chalupa” commercial. No, really.

That commercial grates on my nerves as bad as the wassup guys, BUT – I have to admit my appreciation for yet another phrase I can use to bug my kids.

If there is one thing that gets my teenage daughter fired up within seconds, is my loud, abnoxious “wassup” when she walks in the door. Even better, is the times when she has a few friends with her. Now I use the “zesty” word, and I do it sooooooo well, whenever I see something that looks good. This bugs her worse than the “wassup” thing, so I do it as often as possible.

Gawd I love it!

I just think his game show sucks because I was on Jeopardy! (if you watched the 1993 Teen Tournament, you’ve seen me), which has MUCH harder questions & no lifelines or any of that bullshit (I can say that, can’t I? It’s The Pit, right?), I actually WON a game, yet I only went home with $4,621.38 after taxes & more Rice-a-Roni than I can eat in a lifetime. Grrrrrrrr!!!

You are one evil bitch. I like that.

I am proud to say I have NEVER even once seen the “Zesty” ad. (Even during football- that seems odd, doesn’t it?) You can bet your ass that as soon as I see any Taco Smells ads from now on, I’ll grab that remote fast to avoid the “Zesty” infestation.


I can’t entirely explain the Regis loathing effect. Sealemon88 is certainly correct in large measure. Beyond that, some things just piss me off when I see them. Regis is one of those things.

Ugh! Zesty is NOT zesty.
I want to slit my wrists when I see that commercial! It is so obviously a rip-off of “Whassup”. I thought the Whassup idea was great, most especially the one where they offer the lessons on how to say Whassup in many different languages. (“Que passssssoooo!”) I also am a big fan of the “Wasaaaaabi” commercial.

Anyway, could they BE any more blatant?

I pray that people do NOT start saying “zesty”.

Like Zette, I’ve entirely missed the “Zesty” commercial. Of course, my TV-watching is pretty much limited to NFL football. (Which means the Hyperbole is practically the only TV I’ll watch between now and August. :))

The now-banned poster known here as peace has registered over at Fathom as Zest, and signs his/her posts as “Zesty”. I figured that’s what this thread was about!

As much as I HATE hearing those two phrases, it is well worth the bleeding ears if I can torment a kid. As a matter of fact, I just called my daughter a few minutes ago (the kids are out of school for curly-ladder day):

Teenie (her nickname): “Hello”.
Me: “WASSSSSSSSUUUUUUUP?” (imagine this in a very loud and annoying voice)
T: :::silence:::
T: “You know I hate that!!!”
T: “Stop it or I am gonna hang up. I MEAN IT!”
M: “You need to clean out the ferret and rat cages, they stink.”
T: “I know. Will you by Willis (the rat) some food on your way home?”
M: “Yeah.”
T: “Will you also buy him one of those honey-seed things that he loves?”
M: “Yummmmmmmmm. . . . sounds ZZZEEEEEEEEEEST-EEEEEEEEEEEEE?”


Do you think my kids are gonna have “issues” when they grow up? :smiley: