Forbidden Thread: Conspiracy 2

I’ve started the Conspiracy 2 game. If you’re playing in the game and haven’t had your side announced (one full Day/Night cycle, to account for the possibility of resurrection), please stay out of here.

There’ll be no substitutions, so don’t worry about being spoilered. I can give access to my secret notes board for those interested. To keep things simple for me I’m keeping the secret discussion boards closed.

Anyone want to make predictions this early?

I think that this could be a very interesting game especially with the players who played Conspiracy the first time at risk for being tripped up by minor differences between last time’s set-up and this time’s set-up (especially with respect to the special powers that various roles had last time). This also could be a very interesting game if the dominating power roles from last time end up in the hands of people with very different personalities/approaches/amounts of experience playing the game. I wish the Coroner no ill, but it might be interesting to see what happens if the Coroner dies early, for example.

Rugger’s been Town in three games?

So did Hawkeye just admit that he’s the guy who keeps killing MHaye in Cecilvania? :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa. Deja-vu. sachertorte and OAOW both ended up on the lynching block Day One of Conspiracy after a kerfuffle over MHaye’s grudge speech.

CIAS is looking very much like a Witch. His reaction to Nanook’s claim, which looks insane at the outset, makes perfect sense if viewed through that light. And why was he so sure that Nanook, who has a secret power, isn’t Town? Because Nanook’s not a Witch and the Witches have the Town’s secret power. Now CIAS has painted a huge target on his back for no good reason. That false claim will come out soon enough – why expose himself? Dumb play by one of the most important pro-Town roles in the game(the hypocrisy in my saying this does not escape me).

Oh, and if I were the Vig I’d strongly consider targeting Nanook toNight. If he’s a Witch he’ll be protected, if he’s not I kill him. There is a big issue with that, though: in Conspiracy the Cabal had the Secret Power to block a Witch’s protection IIRC. There’s a strong possibility that the Cabal have a similar power this time around, and they make take a chance and use it on Nanook.

Actually, the Cabal cannot block the Witches’ powers at all.

We’re down to the final day of the Day. Right now CIAS is at the head of the lynch line with 5 votes (out of 31). The Town will be in poor shape if lynches with such few votes go through. Too easy for a few scum to swing the vote. (No comment on a CIAS lynch in particular.)

Oh, of course, that’s just from the known powers in the rules. Each side’s secret power can really mess up any logic.

BTW, I am very concerned by the way that fluiddruid has been defending CIAS. I’m hoping that it’s because she’s picked up on the same Witch tells that I have and not because she herself is a Witch.

Of course, I could easily be wrong about CIAS being a Witch. His reactions seem overzealous to me – almost like he’s trying to give the impression of being a Witch.

No kidding. We’re getting killed in Apocalypse because of this. The way that the Town has been rolling over and dying recently has been infuriating.

And we have our second role claim. How many more will come? This is the fun part for me: watching the role claims come. Any unspoiled guesses as to which are truthful?

Woohoo! Another role claim, this time by brewha, as a Coroner.

I think Darth has the dubious distinction of being the first player to have the lead off vote on themselves on a Day One lynch.

I have to admit that I quickly lost interest in trying to keep up with Day One, but having checked out the events on the page in which Darth Sensitive voted for himself, I’m somewhere between amused and exasperated that he voted for himself in what should have been an obvious joke vote to be removed once he had a “real” vote, but never got around to voting for someone else. And the total number of votes on Darth was small enough that having had that vote on someone else (anyone else) might have made the end result of the lynch vote different. Or maybe not.

Still, I’m ok with people voting for themselves as jokes quickly removed, or as “let’s just get this over with” sentiment when a pile-on is unavoidable. But as part of the short stack of votes which resulted in someone’s lynch, that kind of self-vote annoys me.

My requirement of voting at least once during a Day is intended to force some non-minimal interaction. A post with a vote is much more useful than a few non-committal talking posts. And I think I forced vote makes it much harder to fly under the radar, since the vote is recorded for everyone to easily find later.

While the game so far has a huge amount of text to read through, I think it’s mostly productive, compared to other Days One. Things will heat up Tomorrow, with more bodies and more information to work with.

I have no objections to your rules or your modding-- I just want to shake Darth Sensitive and ask him what he was thinking.

Hm. It’d be weird if twice in two games a Cabalist ended up losing the game of hot potato on Day One.

Okay, I’m late to the party (Yay Vacation!).

Way back on Night Zero pedescribe said:

To which I strongly disagree. I thought the secret Town Powers were sweet for the Town. Individually they may not have been much to write home about, but together, they combined to be quite powerful. Actually, the secret powers combined with non-secret Town powers were crazy powerful. Examples from my Coronor-centric view:

Coronor+Speaker for the Dead (Witchdoctor) makes for a powerful tool that not only facilitates the use of the talk to the dead power, but sets up the Witchdoctor to become confirmed Town. We weren’t able to get our shit together for this one, but the potential was crazy powerful.

Coronor+Detective: this one didn’t even involve secret powers, but after Night One, revealing one of the kills as a Werewolf eliminated the guessing for the Detective as to who to investigate. Quickly bags a wolf and is then free to use Detective secret powers. Sweet sweet synergy.

Coronor+Vicar: Once the Coronor knew that the Witchdoctor had been recruited, the Vicar was able to block the recruitment. This is much more powerful for the town because even knowing that the recruitment happened leaves the Town with an extra lynch burden. Blocking the recruitment saves the Town another Lynch and allows for the No-Lynch that wins the game.

Coronor+Masons: Withholding information would allow Masons to confirm the Coronor and/or the Coronor to confirm Masons. The situation did not arise in C1, but the potential was there.

And that’s not even considering the synergy possibilities between other roles!

Shadowfacts is hung up on “lynch the lurkers.” I hate that. Everyone always labels it “lynch the lurkers” when what ShadowFacts really wants is to “lynch the clean nosers,” which shouldn’t be spelled out until later. Oh, wait, maybe that’s what he’s doing – talking “lurker” now to better identify “clean-noser” later. Brilliant!

Damn insomnia.

So I’m still on page 10, but my early read is that the Detective should role-claim immediately upon finding a Wolf. The expected Wolf play is to keep the same killer until that killer is dead, so the Detective will not likely gain anything by waiting. I suppose the Detective could try and get the Wolf lynched without claiming first, but failing that, a role-claim is warranted. Plus getting nightkilled after bagging a Wolf is good for the Town as it means the Wolves didn’t kill a Witch. Furthermore, I expect more than one Detective.

Having more than one Detective in Conspiracy is not nearly as overpowered as in other games. At any point, the Detectives can only turn up the exact same information. So if one or both get good info, having one claim and lynch a Wolf puts the other in better position to get new info.

In C1, the detective waited a few days since she had additional night actions. If no additional night actions are available in C2 (which I’m guessing there is not), then roleclaim with positive info is the right move (barring getting the Wolf lynched anyway).

Also, the ability to communicate at Night is a boon for the Town. Critical information might be posted at Night before the Nightkills.