Forcing maximized windows (help with IE6)

I’m running Windows XP at work, using IE6 for my browser, and I encounter this problem every so often.

I’ll have occasion to un-maximize the window I’m looking at (usually because I’m trying to compare info in two different windows side-by-side). However, once I’ve done that, EVERY subsequent IE window I open shows up reduced to the same size as the window that I had un-maximized. I have to continue to manually maximize all future windows until IE suddenly seems to “get it” and goes back to maximizing them from the beginning.

Now I know enough about computers to realize that this probably isn’t a random occurrence, but I have no idea what the trigger is. How can I force IE to maximize every window I open?

Have open only 1 window of IE6. Adjust it’s size (by using the sides of the window, not the maximize button) to fill the screen. Close that window.

Windows will now open new windows for that app to that size.

We’ve been thought this before and the answer is NO, there is no way to force new windows to open maximized.
KneadToKnow mentioned resizing the window, but that still isn’t maximized, nor does it act like a maximized window. Here’s why,
Open a window, maximize it, now move the mouse all the way to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click, the maximized window closes. Ok

Now, open a window, maximize it, now open a second window, unmax it and stretch it all the way out, (using KTK’s method, this is how all future windows will open), now move the mouse all the way up and to the right and click. Which window closed? The back bottom one that IS maximized. Too many times I’ve eneded up closing out a program that I have running underneath the pseudo maxmized IE.

I really don’t understand why there isn’t a way to do this, even a tweak that could accomplish it.

Maybe I am misunderstanding, but I have ie6, on windows xp. When opening a new window, it seem sto open the way that the last window was closed. So If I have 1 window open, maximize it, and close it, then future windows will open maximized. I just tried this 5 times, and every time I opend the window, it opened the way I closed the previou window.

If you right click on the shortcut that’s used to open your browser, there should be a “properties” choice.

Click that, choose “Maximized” from the “Run” pulldown and close.

It should start your browser maximized every time.

It works every time I launch a new browser using the IE shortcut, but it has no effect on additional windows that are opened via hyperlinks once I’m already browsing.

rainwalker78, I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t think you’re misunderstanding, but I don’t have the same results you do, and I never have. And as Joey P pointed out, the problem is not unknown.

Try spawning a new window (
Does that open maximized?
If it does, close all windows, open one instance of IE, unmax and resize, now try spawning a new window, it should open to however your last window was open, and from there you shouldn’t be able to get new windows to open maxmized anymore.

I was misunderstanding. I thought the op was talking about opening new instances of ie, not following hyperlinks. now that I am on the same page you everyone else, I see the problem.

Now I am with you. I wish I hadn’t done that. Now my ie won’t maximize. Good thing I usually use firefox.

Sorry for the lack of clarity in the OP. I definitely was not wishing for anyone to share my fate. :slight_smile:

sigh I was hoping a reboot this morning would put me back to normal, but I’m still in the same state as yesterday.

Microsoft, I hope you can see this, because I’m doing it as hard as I can.

Your goal is that all new browser windows opened start full-screen, right?

Did you set the “Run Maximized” setting on the shortcut you use to open the browser? I tested that on my local PC and it seems to work every time.

Not sure if I’m being whooshed or if you just missed my response to your prior post. :slight_smile: I actually did take your suggestion:

IE New Window Maximizer

Hope this helps…

This is a problem that tends to happen when you spawn a new window, for example by clicking a link on SDMB or by right clicking on a link and hitting open in new window. For some reason, it will evventually go back to the way you want it, that is until there’s a popup and it get’s ruined again.

Yah - missed it, sorry. I have no suggestions past that…