Forum select button adding a search field

Every time I click the button at the top left of a forum to switch to a different forum, a search field appears (with an ‘f’ in it, too) that obscures the top line of the dropdown list. I don’t recall this happening before this weekend, and I’m finding it very annoying.

Has anyone else seen this? Do you remember seeing it before now?

Nope. I get the full dropdown list with a search box at the top but the list is not obscured.
Did you change themes or update your browser?

No theme change. Chrome updates automagically, so I have no idea.

Looks like this (and here’s hoping this works, I don’t use imgur very often):

I use Firefox but I just opened Chrome and I’m not seeing it there, either.

You using an Apple product by any chance? There’s some other weirdity going on, as well.

I have no Apple products. Windows 10 PC, fully patched.

I do have a lot of extensions added into Chrome. I suppose I could disable them all and see if it helps, but it’s only annoying and not preventative of reading the boards or even using the button. Just weird.

The problem is that the search box takes focus as soon as you click. If it would instead require you to click in the search box, the problem would go away.

As a workaround, you can middle click on an empty space to get the focus out of the search box.

Could be. I had an epub reader extension that randomly borked Discourse pages from loading.

The weird search field has disappeared. My computer updated several Windows things this morning and it was gone. Coincidence? I think not!

ETA: stupid giphy. That’s a dramatic prairie dog, if anyone cares.