Fox Frenzy

Most of what I am posting here was started in this thread and the more I wrote the more I realised that I should just start a new thread here. I’ve never pitted another poster before but holy crap what a jackass.

I confess I am an online gamer. Everquest to be exact. But there are many factors to this.
I play while my children are in school. I play around my housework. I play around my childrens sports, recitals, homework, what have you.
There is no excuse for sitting on your butt for nine hours letting someone else’s children basically take care of themselves.
Of course ten minutes after the parents got home those kids were all over them. YOU for the most part ignored them so the parents got the backlash and the rush of the kids getting their needs met from people they know were going to meet them.
Yep, the were bum rushed. But then again they should have turned around at you and your friend instead of mis-directing their anger and asked why these things weren’t delt with until parents got home and why the older of the two got in trouble for something you said you didn’t even know happened.
Did you notice the child wander out of the room? You should have gotten up and checked, not just called them back or let them be because they were being quiet and out of your hair.
Those children weren’t behaving, they were waiting out their time until the care givers got home because you presented yourself as unavailable and unapproachable. Sorry, even young children pick up on body language, and when you keep your back to a child for nine hours they get the hint. BTW did you feed them? Change the youngest?
I think you adding that little story was your way of saying parenting is easy and that you did so much better with their children then they do, and look I got to do my own thing.
I also notice you haven’t been back to the thread after commenting how now the thread has taken the happy non-confrontational turn you wanted it to instead of the turn it was taking when Princhester got involved and you started some tangent about being attacked and discredited. I did not get that from Princhester’s posts.
A post or two down you turn around and become judgemental of Princhester and insulting to them.
You make mention and point out to him that “this is not a political debate” and then two posts down say you started this thread to be a “parenting debate”. A debate is a debate, make up your mind and quit talking in circles.
And when Princhester tries to get back on track you don’t let it go. You come back with this gem.

WTF is that?! Just because you make a disclaimer doesn’t mean you can add backhanded comments.
That is kin to telling someone “no, it’s not you” and behind your hand saying “yes it is about you” in a lower voice.
Using “that person” when you should have just said his name wasn’t a diversion either because if you hadn’t noticed, people around here can add and are pretty quick. I would be suprised if someone came in here and said they didn’t know exactly who that was directed at even though you made an attempt at a disclaimer.
And then a few posts down you come up with this little gem.

Princhester had already dropped the subject and was trying to get things clarified and back on track and you just wouldn’t let it go.
As long as things were going your way you were good with it. The thread has progressed and more people are expressing views similar to Princhesters and I notice you have not been back.
You yourself have been throwing a temper tantrum. “if the thread doesn’t go my way I’m just not going to respond until it does” And when you do you throw in snide remarks like a petulant child.
I bet you were one of those kids who threatened to hold their breath.
And for crying out loud Gen-next? Just because children today have more things and technology then generations before does not make them entittled to them.
It’s not automatic, and it shouldn’t ever be just because it is there.
With knowledge comes responsibility and in order to be a responsible adult you have to learn lessons as a child. Growing and expanding are what makes us who we are, if you just hand things over because they are there society will become out of control with spoiled children now adults with no clue on the give and take of how the world runs.
Look, you started a thread and wanted a specific way for it to run, but the thing is there are all different factors that make up a conversation and all kinds of different oppinions. Nothing Princhester said was hijacking, off topic or inflamatory, he just wasn’t following the groove you wanted him to.

Princhester I am sorry that I took liberty to involve you in my rant. I am sure you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.
It was just frustrating watching Fox Frenzy act like a spoiled, hurtful child that he was trying to put down but at the same time talking himself up.

I agree. But remember that bit of Parenting Lore that goes: Attention is good, bad attention is better?

If you get that he wanted a fight, and stopped posting when we grownups starting talking over his head with actual parenting tips from actual parents, why are you giving him the (negative) attention he wants here?

Well, if it helps you vent, I guess. But I’m just afraid that just like a toddler, he’s going to get off on your rage and prod you for more next time he’s bored.

Very true, it could just be to stir up trouble and I fell right in to it.
And a serious question here but isn’t that then considered trolling? I usually get to the bridge too late to see the fine examples of the trolling forefathers, so I have nothing to go on for better knowledge of this practice in the wild.

“Trolling” is where it obviously looks like he’s posting something deliberately inflammatory–out of the ballpark inflammatory–just to stir things up and see if he can get a rise out of folks. Trolling must be distinguished from “mouthbreather cluelessness” or “simple stupidity” or “drunken 2 a.m. Guest posting”.

I agree that this thread is making too much of something. If it was a Member, then I’d be on your side vis-a-vis the Pitting, but otherwise…meh. Why bother?

I think trolling is much more conscious. I don’t think he’s a troll, posting things he doesn’t actually believe just to watch you dance. I think he likes the dance, and if the dance is the most fun he gets from the threads he starts, he will sooner or later turn to outright trolling, but I don’t think this particular thread was a troll attempt.

Y’know, like a toddler who’s petting the dog and pulls his ear, so the dog yelps and Mom says “Ohmigosh no, stop that!” and gives him lots of attention for it. The dog itself isn’t so interesting all of the sudden. The attention is fun, though, so sooner or later the kid pulls the dog’s ear to get a rise out of Mom, even though that wasn’t his intent the first time.

Comparing “generations” to explain his superiority in his parenting skills was priceless…as if the “parenting gene” evolved tremendously between 1964 and 1983. What utter BS from a clod of dirt.

And again I state…the “Baby Boomer” generation is too broad of a classification spanning 18 years (1946-1964). Being born in 1963, I did not experience the same stuff that the older part of that generation experienced. Did you see me at Woodstock, getting my buzz on?

:: kicks dirt:: and here I was all set to hear all about Fox News going all frenzy on the Craig case.

I was once in the grocery store check out line and a person from the new generation asked me with great enthusiasm if I was present at Woodstock. I was sort of baffled until she pointed at my top that had a screen print of Woodstock from the Peanuts strip and his named printed at the top of the shirt.

I politely replied “No, that is the name of the bird”

I am sure I left her quite confused.

I wouldn’t leave him in charge of a goldfish I didn’t like.

“Dude, the fish is, like, totally floating upside down, man.”

“Aw, they just do that shit. I dunno why they don’t feed it more, man. Give it some more Doritos and finish this level, will ya?”

Good lord now I’ve gone and upset Wring. Whatever could I do to make this up to you?

Okay, don’t waste my breath on guests with bad behavior. check.
First attempt at pitting someone specific. not so hot.

The whole thing just drives me batty though.

I know where you’re coming from, Kricket, but the guy was clearly in search of two IQ points to rub together and just not worth the effort. You should be pitting me for bothering with him. I reverse pit myself.

That’s priceless.

That was pretty funny too.

I rarely enter the Pit. Perhaps I should come here more often.

Wow. I pit you, Mr. OP, for pitting FF so well that I had to go read the thread. Ouch. I wish I could undo that. And did I notice that when the parents came home FF had to stop the mom from backhanding the seven year-old? Was there a third kid or did the five year-old grow two years from one paragraph to the next? I refuse to go back and subject myself to that again.

Nice pitting.

The seven-year-old was a separate incident.

Thanks. I didn’t have the strength to go back and check.

In the linked thread, neutron star admits personal knowledge of the guest in question, so it’s not just your drunken 2 a.m. posting.

For that, quickly letting him know that people will talk back is a good thing.

Good pitting.

Yeah, he was sitting right next to me at work when he posted it. The guy’s not drunk so much as he is permanently manic and unfathomably immature. He gets upset when you don’t laugh at his fifth-grade-level jokes.

FF basically thinks he knows everything about everything and “proves” it by not actually giving you an opportunity to voice disagreement.

For example, the other night, he was talking about his brilliant plan to solve the national debt:

FF: So, the national debt is just money we owe to ourselves, right?

Me: No, actually, it’s…

FF: Right! So why don’t we just forget we owe ourselves the money. I mean it’s like if your grandma lent you twenty dollars and you lent your sister ten dollars and then she lent your mom seven dollars, you’d just kind of call it even, right?

Me: Uh…

FF: Right! So that’s what we should do with the national debt! Man, if the people in Washington would just listen to me… I’ve got some great ideas. All those stuffed suits. My generation is going to change everything!

Me: That’s what the hippies thought, but then…

FF: See, the way I figure it, everything has changed since the Industrial Revolution in the '50s.

Me: Dude, that was in the late 19th century.

FF: No, I mean, the other Industrial Revolution, the one in the '50s that brought us out of the Great Depression.

Me: The Depression was in the '30s.

FF: But there were other depressions! Wait, when was World War I?

Me: 1914-1918. Man, you really need to read a history book sometime.

FF: History? History isn’t going to tell me anything. I don’t need to know that stuff.

And around and around and around we go. Generally I try to just shut my mouth and tune him out, but it can be difficult sometimes.

Ow, neutron star, just reading that made my brain hurt. I feel for ya.

Maybe you could make him a t-shirt with our SDMB nemeses’ name on it:

The Fighting Ignorants

At least them others would be warned, right? :smiley:

I liked post 11 where he seemed to be arguing with himself.

Well, it’s going to be a little harder to win when he can’t out shout people on a moderated board.