Frasier Denied an Emmy cause he's a Republican

Fast on the heels of the Clint Eastwood endorses Romney thread, I humbly submit to you the injustice inflicted upon Kelsey Grammer. The actor who allegedly cross dresses claiming he was denied an Emmy nomination simply because he’s a declared, out-of-the-closet Republican in Hollywood.

Seriously? You think that’s why you didn’t get nominated? Could it be, maybe because, you are an unwatchable one note hack, who belongs back in the 90’s? Just retire Frasier. Your day has passed…

I have no idea what his latest role is, but he could be right. Since when are any awards given on a fair and unbiased platform? Eric Clapton won a Grammy because his kid died, and Warren Zevon won because he died (I’m fans of both but don’t think they received Grammys for the right music).
I’m not saying it’s true in this case, but it wouldn’t surprise me that one’s non-acting interests could affect one’s award possibilities.

Kelsey Grammar has won four Emmy’s. He wasn’t nominated this year because no one likes his current show.

He couldn’t be right because he’s done nothing worthy of an Emmy in this case. That’s why he didn’t win one, even if someone did use his politics as a basis for their decision.

Even the people who kind of like his performance on the show don’t like the actual show and the show is not on a network known for good TV (which matters). This year, there was a lot of competition for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama so his not getting a nomination isn’t that surprising. Other people not on the nomination list are Dustin Hoffman, Tim Olyphant, and Hugh Laurie. It’s not like the guy from “Hawaii Five-O,” or the guys from “Suits” got nominated instead of Grammer. If they had, he might have been on to something.

Patricia Heaton, an out Republican, was nominated every single year for Everybody Loves Raymond and won twice. Of course, that was back in the days of the Bush presidency, before partisanship started.

But other than that, and that he’s an ass, he didn’t get it because he is a Republican. Oh, and somebody else did. Class act that Grammar.

This was on The Tonight Show. Maybe it was a joke?/

BTW, it’s Grammer, not Grammar.

Maybe he should change his first name to “Misspellsy.”

Oh, dear. A bunch of people who get paid a whole bunch of money for playing pretend failed to tell another person who gets a whole bunch of money for playing pretend that he’s really GOOD at playing pretend, and he suspects it might not really be because of their actual opinion of his playing-pretend skills.

My heart, it bleeds.

In revenge, Grammer has vowed to KILL BART SIMPSON!

No no no. It’s German for ‘The Bart The’.

She’s very vocal about pro-life stuff, but “liberal” on other things like gay rights. And at the risk of a woosh, do you not remember any partisanship during GWB or Clinton?

I think to some extent, the Emmy people would punish Grammer for his views. I wouldn’t put it past them at least. On the other hand, as some of you have said, apparently he’s on a TV show now? And I barely knew that, but can’t give it’s name or what it’s about? I’m not the most in the loop, but it makes me think that the main reason he didn’t get it is because it’s not that popular. Complaining about it makes him seem like a whiner and arrogant. On the other hand, the quote looks like it’s a reply to a question, so I wonder if it’s in context.

Looking it up, is the mayor supposed to be a Daley clone? Then he has great acting chops, able to play a super-Democrat. He deserves another 5 Emmys! :confused:

Maybe it is because the older he gets the more he looks like Fred Thompson and the Emmy voters were wondering why his name was all over a Fred Thompson show?

Sorry, Kelsey, Fox has vetoed that plan.

Yes, Emmy voters love Fred Thompson… unlike all other kinds of voters.

Whoosh achieved.

And for a serious response, there’s this. Grammer’s already won multiple Emmys (it’s actually five - four for Frasier and one for Sideshow Bob) and his current role isn’t as good as the roles he’s won for in the past.

To be fair, the Academy’s anger at his political opinions is pretty much the only explanation for why he didn’t win an Oscar for Down Periscope.

I live in the Chicago area and loved the idea of his show but just couldn’t get through the season. To be fair, he wasn’t the problem so much as the ancillary characters and plot lines (unless he’s also producing or directing… I have no idea).

I started a thread about it here which sank without a splash, presumably because no one else was watching either.

Besides, who wants to put on a tuxedo just to watch Jon Hamm win another award?