Fringe: Concentrate and Ask Again

When Nina Sharp is sitting at a desk looking at the books about the first men, her right hand looks perfectly normal. Isn’t that arm a robotic prosthetic? She was wearing a glove earlier in the episode.

Don’t know, but I did like this episode better than last week’s.

I am very excited to see Sam return, and to discover that he is apparently immortal.

Dear Agent Dunham,

Owing to your recent hotness at the fundraiser, you have been permanently assigned to the FBI’s newly created fundraiser security detail. Should Fauxlivia cross over to this universe again, she will also be assigned to the fundraiser security detail. Everyone agrees that that would be unbelievably awesome.

I seem to recall her taking off a skin-coloured and textured glove in one of the early episodes. Her arm looked normal, then she peeled off the skin. I could be misremembering, though.

You just KNOW that Peter has fantasized about being the meat in an Olivia/Fauxlivia sandwich! :smiley:

Seriously, I find Anna Torv incredibly attractive on Fringe. Even (maybe especially) when she’s not all glammed up.

This whole things with which Olivia will he chose is starting to feel a little soap-opera-y.

I mean, really? Which world will live or die depends on who Peter truly loves? I’m sure there’s more to the story than that. There’d better be.

And what happens if he chooses niether?
Both Universes go boom? that would be bad.


Maybe I’ll check that show out on DVD. I remember watching the pilot, and finding it irredeemably stupid and cliched. Did it get better?

There’s got to be. One of the big points they’ve been pushing is that the alt-universe isn’t necessarily an “evil” universe. It would be just as wrong to destroy that universe as it would be ours.

Much better.

Oh, yes. Much, much, much, better. I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it.

It’s one of my favourite shows on tv, and am quite bummed out that it got shifted to a graveyard spot (late Friday nights) where it will probably die.

I enjoyed this episode, too. It is a little soap opera-y with Olivia mooning over Peter, but it’s more than just Peter; she got experimented on, she lost her mom, her doppelganger got her man; she got to see how her life could have been different if things had played out differently; she’s having a real, “Why does everything bad happen to ME?” time.

Not enough Walter in this episode. There should be more Walter in every episode.

“Oh! Punchbuggy blue!”

It looks like Olivia retains some of the skills she got from Fauxlivia’s RNA. Those were some impressive pistol shots she made at the fundraiser.

I think this is a case where polygamy is the only acceptable choice. Seriously, how could 1 man with 2 women be worse than the destruction of an entire universe?

I’m wondering too though, they keep talking about it being able to create as well as destroy. And Sam said something like it’s a matter of perspective, so I wondering if maybe the ending will be that Peter merges the two universes into one. From one perspective, two universes will have been destroyed, but from another, a new universe will have been created out of the two.

Mmmm. By doing both Olivia’s at once.

I’ll be in my bunk.

I loved the moment when he said “I’m sorry” to the mind reader without actually *saying *it. Wonderful acting.


Oh, and I meant “I’m wondering” instead of “I wondering”. Oops.

I feel really bad for the mind reader guy. Telepathy with no way to turn it off would be horrible.

Next week preview looked like (not really spoiling any stuff that happened in it but boxed for the extra spoiler sensitive)it’s a red universe ep, nice to see they aren’t dropping those just because Olivia Red and Olivia Blue are back in the proper universes. I like seeing some of those redverse supporting characters, like Charlie Red and that other guy whose name I can’t recall but was burned for a while.