Fuck You, Gay World!

Y’know, I finally figured out that I don’t want to be a warm, loving person once you get to know me. I just want to be a person who gets to go home and have hot homo sex with at least one person a week. Fuck warm and loving!

Okay, maybe not. I actually want both.

I’m so disgusted with the gay world. Fuck you, gay world! Fuck the goddamn plastic twinkie queens with their laundry list of “acceptable” bodily features. May you all moulder in Hell with a magma butt plug up your perfect pert asses and a white-hot iron chain around your perfect 28-inch waists. May your perfect Aberfuckme & Crotch wardrobe turn to burning cinders on your perfect plastic twinkie cookie-cutter bodies. May you all have eternal dates with the most horrific leprosy-ridden, pustule-spewing, hang-all-over-you, slobbering hereditary degenerates Satan can find. Fuck you, gay world!

And your goddamn child-substitute cats, too.


A-fucking-men! (No pun intended.)

Never have I encountered quite so much annoying hypocrisy as in the world of gay dating. The brain seems to be the only organ whose size doesn’t matter.

Howsabout if those “leprosy-ridden, pustule-spewing, hang-all-over-you, slobbering hereditary degenerates” also insist on talking about nothing but their extensive collections of stamps and size, consistency and hue of their bowel movements?

Just adding ickiness wherever I can.

At another board I go to, we post the following in threads before they get closed/deleted. I do not know if threads of this nature get deleted, but if so then

postia before deletia.

(With thanks to Stefu.)

Closed or deleted - what the hell for? I guess that other board must have a different set of rules. :slight_smile:

jayjay’s obviously not bashing gays, just expressing frustration with look-bias in “the gay world.”

so rave on, and good luck on the dating scene!

[sub]I loved the ‘Aberfuckme and Crotch’.[/sub]

Yeah, just keep in mind that the straight world isn’t much different… there’s just less, y’know, homosexuality.

Do a lot of gay people really talk about their bowel movements?

The other board is Apolyton (a Civ3 site), and its rules are equivalent to its admnistrator’s moods.

Jayjay, sweetie, there there there. pats head Here’s a nice 'mo to help you, and you mustn’t take it amiss.

Men can be total assholes. (So can women, but that wasn’t your question.) Excessively perfect ones in particular. All you can really do is use their behaviour as evidence that they’re grossly imperfect inside.

You can also find guys who are both hot and really nice - they exist! I’ve met (and, bless the goddess, made it with) three this month, and I’m not dreadfully attractive myself. There is hope :slight_smile:

You should also be sure you’re not looking for lurve where people look for sex, and vice versa - there’s room for both in the community, and usually looking for honey in the banana aisle will lead to the most dispiriting consequences.

Please don’t give up on faggots because some muscle marys with a stick up their ass are getting all pissy because their extensive body modifications and clotheshorsing has the exact effect they intend it to. I know it, I’ve dealt with it, and I try not to let it bother me anymore. There are lots of folks who are not total pigfuckers, and they’re there for the finding.

I can sympathize from the other side, jayjay. I get to experience the joy of lesbian dating, and at the moment my options seem to be a somewhat flakey and confused straight girl and a bisexual who is into things that make me want to curl up and find a happy place.


Now, now…there’s always Congress.

jayjay, I feel for you. I am neither gay nor dating but I can sympathize in the corporate world. I’m constantly confronted by people in the business who simply won’t believe someone is worthwhile unless they have an MBA from one of five or six schools, wear the right clothes, and golf. Given that I don’t qualify for any of those things it’s an uphill fight.

So, while not an exact match, I’m with you. Such elitism works against the greater good of the community. Ugh.

Oh dear. Please tell me you’re going to the toronto dopefest so I can convince you otherwise[sub]if I go myself…[/sub]

If it helps any, the straight dating scene is pretty grotty as well… Appearance uber alles is the name of the game, followed by size of wallet and/or boobs depending on sex.

In short, DATING SUCKS! :rolleyes:

Iam: I’d love to but I’ll probably be in Spain. Sorry, darling :frowning:

Listen, hon, you’re not alone. I find shaved, plucked and moisturized muscle marys repellant. Same thing goes for pretty-boy twinks. Bleh.

But it goes both ways… I don’t think I’ve ever been hit on by one of those types. The guys who pick me up tend to be more like me.

I personally cannot stand men who are in such denial of puberty that they must shave their entire bodies.

There are twink exceptions, though… This hottie I was boinking last summer and still boink regularly (who looks like Jimmy Fallon, btw) may have been young, but he certainly didn’t fit the image definition of most guys his age. Man, he was a hot bottom… drool

I’ve seen it all, and a lot of it just doesn’t turn my crank.

The jury’s still out on that one, dear. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s been a tough month for you, hasn’t it, JayJay. “April is the cruelest month” --TSEliot

Actually, I’d appreciate you looking over the thread that pissed you off, and commenting on how I handled the situation. (I said I’d ask you to look at it.)

And people can be very inhumane, particularly in dating situations, whether straight, gay, or oviphile. I think the old adage is applicable: “Those who care don’t matter, and those who matter don’t care.”

I don’t have anything to add at the moment, seeing what has come before me…

But I know what you are going through, and I know you can find what you want, and have it be satisfying. HUGS

Just adding my own $0.02…

Yup… it’s pretty much as everyone’s said. The Gay World (laugh snicker guffaw this sounds like a new addition to the Mouse Kingdom down in Florida) is full of people that share the same human frailities as any other group. It’s got jerks like all the others.

**matt_mcl wrote:

…and I’m not dreadfully attractive myself.**

(puts fingers in ears, runs in circles…) LA LA LA… I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!! Matt, sweetie, you’re gorgeous, from the bottom of your lovely size 13s to the top that bone box that houses your wonderful grey matter. :wink:

(This may post twice - the server ate my post!)

jay, honey, sweetie, darling - you have got to stop going to the clubs - they’ll just bring you down. Consider alternative social outlets - there are lots, and I might even be able to suggest one or two…

And as for the rest of you - STEP AWAY FROM THE QUEBECOIS! Mine! Mine! All mine! [sub]I’m rich! I’m wealthy! I’m a happy miser![/sub]


Just whatshisname or all Québecois? :wink:

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Posting to this thread makes me feel like a white guy in Harlem, but oh well…

To the OP, yeah there are definitely some bad, superficial people out there. From my (quite straight) perspective and limited knowlege of the Gay World, I always thought their dating scene differed in two ways from my own. One, it’s easier to get laid. No “not on the first date” bullshit, etc. Second, there is a community just like the one you describe, which has a list of what they want, and won’t associate or consider those who don’t have it.
I’m aware there is a straight version of this community, but it always seemed to me they were more easily identifiable and existed in larger numbers in the gay zone. That’s good, in a way. You can have some warning ahead of time.

I’ve found it depends on the club… Last summer I discovered a nice, laid-back bar near where I live (therefore no nasty cab fare - I can just stumble home ;)) and I met someone new every time I went, including the guy I spent the summer boinking (and still boink). It wasn’t anything serious, but at this bar I found more of the kinds of guys I’m attracted to.

And, once upon a time, there was a club here that had three different rooms: an alternative room (which later became a chill-out hip-hop room… great for when I’d be stoned), a disco/top-40 room, and the large room downstairs with house music. You’d find the twinks mainly in the top-40 room, the muscle queens downstairs, and the more “alternative” types in the alt. room. (The club has since closed.)

I’m not advocating the club scene. I doubt I’ll ever meet the “real” Mr. scott evil in a club. However, I’m always reluctant to try other social outlets, because I have this preconceived notion that that’s where the desperate losers go. I know I’m probably wrong, but… I’m not good at taking leaps of faith, as anyone who knows me can attest.

It sucks. But at least I know I can get laid if I want. :slight_smile:

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