Game of Thrones 6.06 "Blood of My Blood" 5/29/16 [Show discussion]

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This is the thread for open discussion about the books and show.

One thing I’d like to suggest - if something comes from the previews or future episode descriptions, it would be appreciated if you spoiler boxed it. Those things are put together by marketing people, and not the writers, and can give away things we’d rather know when the writer/editor wanted to, not the marketing team.

I wanna add this prediction here that I gleaned from the coming attractions. Tommen will die defending Margery during Cercei’s fuck up with the Tyrell’s army in her walk of shame.

I’d like to see the Sparrows conflict come to a head this episode. It’s starting to drag out.

I’d also like to see Dany making things right with her dragons. She hasn’t been a very good mother to them.

Yeah, if I have to wait all season to see FrankenGregor punch his fist straight through a head I’m going to be upset.

I did not like that episode at all. Complete placeholder.

I liked the brief flash of the Mad King and the return of Benjen.

Totally boring exposition episode. Cersei is again thwarted, but not the way I thought. Fucking Sak and Gilly taking up far too much TV time. And Arya digging up needle. Nice! I’m sure Dany :slight_smile: as got anidea where to find some boats. We shall see.

That had to be the first episode in a very long time (ever maybe?) were nobody died.

First episode all season in which no major character died. (Actually, I don’t think anyone died. Except wights, who were already dead.)

The big surprise is that things didn’t go as badly as most people were expecting.

Good to finally find out what happened to Benjen. Now we only need Syrio to pop out of the woodwork.:wink:

Nope, Tommen & Margaery are both alive and well. No walk of shame for Margaery at all. Whatever Cersei’s real plan was this wasn’t it, and she’s clearly seething with rage. :slight_smile: The big question is Margaery just putting on an act, or did is she really “born again”? I’m thinking the former, but Tommen sure seems like he fell for the High Sparrow’s (or apparently Margaery’s) shtick. Also can a horse really be trained to charge up stairs like that? :dubious:

Wild prediction: The mad king’s “burn them all!” will be timey-wimey cross-chatter from Bran warging into a dragon to fight the White Walkers. Hence the show will form a closed time-loop: Bran accidentally causes the king to turn mad (similar to how he overwrote Hodor’s mind), which sets events in motion that, decades later, culminates with Bran warging into a dragon to fight the White Walkers and accidentally causing the king to turn mad.

Re: Walk of Shame: Surely she can get at least a little naked? Pretty please?

The Benjen reveal was somewhat anticlimactic. Did anyone not expect the stranger who rescued them to either (a) be Benjen or (b) lead them to Benjen? But at least he’s a pseudo-zombie, which is cool. Maybe he’s the real chosen one and they can kill off Jon again. :wink: Oddly, the person I watched the episode with had no idea who Benjen was. “Am I supposed to know who that character is?”

But I actually liked the anti-climax with the Sparrows. We all expected a bloodbath - maybe the Sparrows and commoners would win, or maybe the Tyrell army would win, but blood would flow. Instead, it all deflated like a farting sheep’s bladder. The High Sparrow outplayed both the Lannisters and the Tyrells, at least for now.

I liked the Sam and Gilly storyline. It went on a little too long, sure, but it was interesting. I will gladly drink the bitter tears of those who think their story is a waste. Let your hate flow through you.

I expected Walder Frey to mention the death of his daughter and grandson at the hands of Ramsay. Maybe he doesn’t know, or just figures he has enough kids anyway.

I loved that the play depicted the toilet-death of Tywin Lannister.

That play is amazing, I was kinda bummed we did not get to see their version of the Red Wedding.

I don’t think that’s odd at all. He was last on screen in what, episode 3 of season 1?

It annoyed me that the actor changed. It kind of ruined the reveal.

It was the same actor.

I think we’ll see Arya use his training to survive fighting the Waif.

I just started rewatching season one, and I still didn’t recognize Benjen.

I was pretty sure that had to be Benjen as soon as he showed up. Benjen’s been overdue to reappear, and that was a suitably dramatic way for him to turn up.

Same here. I like the Sam and Gilly storyline. It’s refreshing to see a couple of characters who aren’t trying to rule the world, get revenge on their enemies in the most painful way possible, or torture other people to death.

I actually expected that to end up much worse for Sam and especially Gilly. I half expected that as soon as Sam’s father found out Sam had a bastard with a wildling he’d try to have at least Gilly and Little Sam killed if not Sam himself.

How freakin stupid is Gilly screwing up her story so quickly, and putting all 3 of them in danger? And Sam for not getting the slightest bit angry at her.

This episode should have been titled “All About Arya”. But are we at least to believe that she’ll get out of that nuthouse and we can move on from the Many Faced Gods arc?