Games You Wish Would Be Made Again

I have a love for platformers. Never had a NES when I was a kid, so I wasn’t playing Mario. Instead, I was playing games like Commander Keen and Duke Nukem on the family’s 286. I still find myself playing lots of old games and while an old game may not have the graphics or the like, it can still be fun. However, at times it’d still be nice to get another, modern game as either a remake or continuing a series. So, here’s some of what I’d like:

New Commander Keen games as a modern platformer.
Same with Duke Nukem, and not yet another FPS.
New Wing Commander games, either a true Privateer sequel or something more in the style of Wing Commander 1, perhaps set even earlier in the war.
A true MOO3. Gal Civ II is a great game, but something in the MOO universe would be nice.
Along those lines, a new Master of Magic.
A longer version of Zany Golf.
A version of Birth of the Federation that isn’t all buggy and actually is able to use everything in the Star Trek universe, not just TNG.
Modern versions of Alter Ego could be fun. Lots of changes in 20 years.

I’m sure I could come up with more, but what’s the point of starting a thread and taking all your answers?



I second Syndicate and I vote for a Lemmings revival.

Are you familiar with the flash version of Lemmings to tide you over?

Edited to Add: You know, with all the super-cool graphics and how sophisticated games can be, Syndicate could be made ultra fuckin’ sweet.

Master of Magic, please please please.


For Wing Commander games try here. There are links to the original games as well as a couple of remakes of Privateer. There are also several ongoing projects to expand the Wing Commander universe.

I’ve never understood how Syndicate didn’t become a recurring franchise . Incredible game.

My vote goes for X-Com, since I always hear how great it was but have never played it (and it doesn’t come cheap on the used market).

US Navy Fighters, which was tough enough to be challenging, but not uber-real like Falcon 4.0 (which I’ve never been able to complete a mission in.)

I’ll second Commander Keen.

A modern, nuclear attack submarine sim.


TIE Fighter

Red Baron

Master of Orion - while I agree Gal Civ II has its coolnesses, it just isn’t what MOO2 was. A real MOO3, please.

We could use a new Harpoon.

I’ve got all–well almost all–of the original games, including WC, WC2, WC4, WC Academy, WC Armada, WC Privateer, Privateer 2, and all the expansion packs. In fact, I think the only things I’m missing are WC3 and Prophecy.

I haven’t liked any of the remakes I’ve played, but it’s been a couple years. I stopped trying them once DOSBox got to the point that the games can be played easily.

Mail Order Monsters
Racing Destruction Set
Dungeon Keeper

Wing commander was cool. Didn’t they release a serial, downloadable over-the-web standalone game at one point? I downloaded it (using my then employer’s connection, cuz dial up would have been way too slow), and liked it a lot.

Star Control was cool as well.

Hell yes!

Auto Duel could be well done, though it’d be tough to either make auto combat work in 3D or to sell a top-down 2D game today.

I wouldn’t mind seeing X-Com almost as is as long as the bugs were fixed. I played it (under Windows 2000) and it crashed more than anything I’ve played. That, along with a bug apparently in the original that made you lose your base automatically if you built it in a defensible manner, were what made it impossible to stick with.

M.U.L.E. Pretty, pretty please?

I wish they’d do a remake of Resident Evil 2 like they did for RE1. They did an amazing job with the RE1 remake, adding new areas, new enemies, and state of the art lighting and sound effects that created an incredible atmosphere - all while sticking to the static-camera view that I love so much about the old games and which is unfortunately becoming extinct. I like static-camera because it makes the game more cinematic and allows for interesting camera angles to frame certain locations, and I’ve never had a problem with the control scheme for this kind of view that so many gamers complain of.

I’ll second Rickjay’s mentions of TIE Fighter and MoO 2.

TIE Fighter actually had a pretty awesome remake for the Windows 95 iteration that was part of a boxed set with X-Wing and a demo version of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. X-Wing was just a straight port near as I could tell, unfortunately. As for the VS. game, well, it was just ahead of it’s time. Excellent concept, but online gameplay was just not at the stage for that game to take off, nowadays if it was released with a comprehensive built-in portal ala Blizzard’s Battlenet, it’d be huge. But TIE Fighter was always my favorite, and a true sequel by Totally Games using modern computer capabilities, and modern online gameplay support (preferably both competitive and co-operative modes) would be freakin’ awesome.

Master of Orion 3 was garbage. I’d love a new 4x game that manages MoO 2’s approachability. What I dream about is one that also achieves the following:
1.) makes space battles play out in a fun, interesting way that doesn’t take forever (the way end-game MoO 2 ones did) and actually takes player’s tactical skills into account.
2.) Reworks the colony management system to keep it simple, yet make it more of a game rather than just telling each colony to build everything (but in different orders), and shuffling populations between castes
3.) Make spying and ground battles more interactive.
4.) Adds Star Chamber or Civilization style alternate victory conditions. I’m thinking political (use colonization and diplomacy to gain a controlling vote in a UN type organization) and cultural (colonial development, morale, and foreign trade conditions must be met) would be good ones.

I’d like to add the following;
1.) Shadowrun for the Super NES. This is another game that was way ahead of it’s time. PC Adventure game exploration and character interaction, squad-based 3rd person shooter (w/ magic), RPG stat progression, Sandbox open-ended feel, and even a mini-game (hacking computers via the matrix)! I’d love to see a modern take on that, provided it was done by a top-flight studio as an AAA title.
2.) Warcraft 1 & 2 using an updated RTS engine that still focuses on larger groups of units. Starcraft 2’s engine looks like it might be just right for this, frankly.

I might be back later with more

The Mega Man series. And I mean the ORIGINAL Mega Man series - none of this X, Battle Network, or whatever crap they’re trying to pass off as Mega Man.

I suppose this is an extension of the OP’s wish for the return of platformers; I’m sure that’s a good part of the reason.

Hey, Leaper have you heard about the remade Megaman for PSP? IIRC, you can play through it as Protoman too. It’s got a very weird cartoony look (Megaman looks baby-ish to me), but I heard good stuff about it.

I’d totally like to see a remade Megaman 1-7 that mostly kept the old gameplay, just did it with modernized graphics and re-arranged music (same great tracks, now with real instruments!). If they wanted to tweak it, how about 1.) giving Megaman a crouch ability, 2.) make the slide-kick… oh I don’t know, an attack? since he’s kicking? 3.) Default 8-way attack (by holding a shoulder button down to stop moving and shoot in any direction, or using the second directional control most systems have nowadays) and just retool the boss weapons that used that as their gimmick (Metal Man’s* and Dust Man’s are the only ones I remember off the top of my head).

*Heh, the “Metal Gear” :eek: Wonder what Konami thought of that, lol. I loved that gun, with it’s wider shot, high ammo efficiency, and 8-way shot, it made Megaman’s default weapon obsolete the moment you get it!