*gasp* Jeez - don't show me that HERE!

Okay, I’ve gotten used to pr0n spam. I know it will invade my inbox in a sticky flood every time I check my e-mail. And hey - I admit that I like looking at pictures of nekkid people as much as the next guy (which is saying something considering the next guy is Bob Guccione). If virtually all pr0n spam weren’t an alligator’s nest of unkillable popup ads for the REALLY sick stuff, I might be convinced to click over once in a while.

But I thought we had an unspoken deal, pr0n spammers. I thought that it was understood that you would put the nudie pix at least one click away, so I had to CHOOSE to look at them. In return, I would just delete your lightly slime-coated messages with a moue of distaste (or a slight sigh of regret) instead of doing everything in my power to stop you.

But you have disregarded the tacit agreement. I was just going through my Hotmail here at work and there she was - completely nude except for a pair of thigh-highs, and reclining in a pose that left nothing to the imagination except what brand of shaving cream she had obviously used on her… you know. RIGHT THERE IN THE MESSAGE.

Fortunately no one saw - if the wrong person had been walking by my cubicle when your unsolicited smut spattered itself across my screen, I could have been fired for viewing prohibited content. Moreover, what if I’d been checking my e-mail at HOME, a home that I share with an eight-year-old boy who has a regrettable penchant for looking over my shoulder when I’m online?

DON’T do that again. I mean it.

What the flaming fuck is pr0n?

Geekspeek for ‘porn’.

Happy ta help ya out, d00d. :wink:

What’s the message title? (So I can delete it without opening it. Not that I open spam anyway, as a matter of habit, but I’ll admit being fooled by a particularly deceptive subject line every now and again.)

Oh, and pr0n is a net-convention substitution designed to keep corporate web-browsing filters from being triggered by the word it replaces. (Swap the r and 0 and turn the 0 into an o. I think it’s kind of silly, and I’d just write it, but Troy must have his reasons, so far be it from me to negate his precedent in his own thread.)

…Unless a simulpost does it for me. :rolleyes:

It’s just a habit I developed - I have a lot of writing on the Web, and I didn’t want my site blocked by NetNanny-type programs.

I’m not really aware that I’m doing it now.

Oh, here’s the subject line:

July 15, 2002 FREE XXX Pic, kfdcbp

the address is “tatiana(something)@yadda yadda.com” (I didn’t look closely at it and don’t know what it was except it starts with tatiana).

I wasn’t FOOLED into clicking on it - I was reading my e-mail and deleting as I went, and this one must have hit my inbox while I was reading some legit stuff.

In Outlook Express go to ‘View–>Layout’ and uncheck the ‘Show Preview Pane’ option. This way, you will only see the subject lines until you double-click on the subject. This makes it a lot easier to weed out the spam without having to download the body of each message.

I’m thinking ‘nudie pix’ and ‘flaming fuck’ probably already set off all the bells and whistles, Cervaise. Your concern is duly noted, however.

Just to clarify, I wasn’t rolling my eyes at you, I was rolling my eyes at myself, and how my cautious and careful adherence to the OP’s standards was revealed to be silly and pointless for the reasons you state.

Oh, ok–thought I’d screwed up there for a second and cost Chef Troy his job! :wink:

I respectfully disagree (although, admittedly, my job would not be at jeopardy)…

If you are going to send me porno spam, SEND A PICTURE DAMMIT [sup]Or two, if possible[/sup]!!! Then I won’t be quite so PO’d that you’re jamming up my inbox!

I got one of these a few weeks ago. Involving a chick…um…orally pleasuring…well - I guess it must have been a guy. I only saw one part of his anatomy. I was horrified. No kids, and not a LOT of concern about it being seen, but still…

I don’t WANT to turn off my preview pane. I LIKE having it there. Why should I have to eliminate one of my conveniences for their stupid sake?


What? Pr0n spam isn’t big shrimps and pork shoulder? And I already had the onions and garlic chopped. Fo0.

–Nott, who’ll have to switch to jambalaya

Interestingly enough, Hewlitt Packard fired 2 and suspended 150 at their UK ops for “inappropriate use of e-mail”, per today’s BBC. This is supposedly for sending and receiving smutty e-mails. I’d hate to think I could get fired for receiving unsolicited smut. After all, there are so many legitimate reasons.

My company let someone go for this reason. If it were just spam, it would have been dismissed as such, but she was actively sending and receiving this stuff. Fortunately, since we don’t have HTML-enabled e-mail, no images were out there, but she did manage to offend some people by sending dirty jokes and such.

I get inline images in my porn spam all the time :confused:

And I remember from my days in a member-support chat room on AOL that ‘pron’ was a joke because half of the losers would come in and make that as a typo. “were can I find pron?” etc. The transformation to d00d speak came a bit later, but I’m pretty sure the r -o switch came as a common typo made into a joke first.