Gays admit they recruit?

I just started a blog based around a series of essays dealing in-depth with a wide range of issues, “from evolution to abortion to armageddon”.

Anyway, I e-mailed a number of mid-level pundits to see what kind of rise I can get out of them, and so far, the only one to respond is columnist David Limbaugh, brother of Rush. Interestingly, of all the points he might have disputed, here’s his sole quibble:

What the heck is he talking about (and I’m not referring to the improper sentence)?

Is there any evidence that gays recruit? Have any of them admitted it, virtually or otherwise? Is there some incident or piece of evidence that lends credence to this conservative talking point? Is my “flat out” denial incorrect? If it is I’ll have to change it.

I’ve certainly never heard gays “admit” they recruit; I don’t know any who would even consider it possible to recruit; nor do I. How would you ?

Does hitting on someone count as “recruiting?”

The only time I’ve ever heard or spoken of “recruiting” was as a running joke, usually revolving around a stated desire for a new toaster oven. It wouldn’t surprise me that a Right-Wing pundit would reveal a severe lack of any sense of humor, of course.

No. We’re not a movement. Individuals might express interest in a (presumed) straight person, or joke about “recruiting.” However, the whole premise is flawed.

I asked a similar question on this thread. General consensus was that if such incidents did occur, and were not misinterpreted, they were said as a joke or to get a rise out of the (usually homophobic) person they were speaking to. I certainly wouldn’t take it as any sort of proof of the “gay agenda,” let alone as “proof” that the speakers think that homosexuality is a learned behavior (which is half the reason for claiming this in the first place).

For some unknown reason, “homosexual recruitment” appears to pertain to the odd concept of teaching high school students in sex education that being homosexual is a perfectly valid and normal sexual orientation.

I actually saw a button on a dude’s bag the other day… I think it was a simple rainbow button with “RECRUITER” in all capital letters. This was almost certainly a joke though, and honestly, if people are so squeamish and on the fence about their sexuality that they feel threatened by some hypothetical gay recruiting drive, they need to do some reflection.

Now I want to see an “I Want You” poster for gay recruitment.

Maybe this was thesource for the information.

Wouldn’t be the first time that demographic took an Onion article as being real.

I went to a Christian highschool which had daily preaching sessions. They warned me how amazingly easy it was to “fall gay.” Watch the wrong television show, and you might wake up gay. Girls who read feminist literature or go to liberal arts colleges will suffer the same fate. God help you if you end up going to Disneyworld on “Gay Day”-- you ain’t gettin’ out of there straight, that’s for sure.

“It’s a man’s life in the British Buggery Association!”

*AKA Eton. :smiley:

“Lemming - Lemming - Lemming of the BBA…”

But seriously…

Perhaps someone should ask Mr. Limbaugh about all the recruitment tactics employed by straight people. Virtually our entire society conspires to recruit young, impressionable gays to convert to the heterosexual lifestyle.

Would it strike rather a false note if they preached the same message in Catholic schools? :wink:

Uncle Sam dressed in pink, eggshell and lavender . . . not scowling but smiling, one eyebrow raised . . . finger not stabbing accusingly but crooked in a come-hither gesture . . . Where do I sign up?! :slight_smile:

“Christian” was their terminology, not mine. (The name was actually _______Christian School.) Personally, judging from what I read about the teachings of Jesus while I was there, I don’t think there was much that was “Christian” about that place.

Wow. Say what you want about his brother, at least Rush knows how to form a coherent sentence.

Anyway, gays recruiting. The thing is, people like Limbaugh think that if you bury yourself deeply enough in the closet, you’ll count as being straight. A gay guy who marries a woman and fucks her at least once is, in their view, technically straight. Or is “choosing” to be straight, as they would phrase it. Most openly gay people think that it’s a bad thing to be in the closet, and a terrible thing to marry under those circumstances. We advocate that gay people come out of the closet and marry and fuck people of their own gender. I would say that people should be honest with themselves and with the people they love, and be with whoever makes them the happiest. Limbaugh would say I’m “recruiting people into homosexuality.” Which is, needless to say, idiotic. You can’t recruit people who are already on your side.