Geographical challenge...

Quite simple. Many well-known phrases have a country’s name or nationality in them… eg German measles,Danish pastry,Maltese cross. Some may use the country name…Canada Dry,Ulster fry.

The challenge is how many different countries you can find a well-known phrase for…(please keep it something we’ll have heard of)
You can go for variations eg Siamese/Thai.
Can we go round the whole world?You’ve had five starters to help you out…brains begin now :slight_smile:

French toast? :stuck_out_tongue:

And you didn’t go for French kiss or French knickers…truly an angel

Oh man, all the ones I know are variations of the “English Method.”

Dutch Courage

American dream

White Russian

Mexican Standoff

Canadian Bacon

Russian roulette

Chinese Fire Drill

Welsh rarebit
Australian crawl
Indian summer

Spanish Fly…

Swedish meatballs

India ink

Irish temper

-French letter
-French cap
-French fry
-German chocolate cake
-Dutch uncle
-Panama hat
-Scotch eggs
-Black Russian
-Afghan[the knitted/crocheted cover]
-Irish coffee
-Italian salute

Dutch Oven
Dutch Apple Pie

Belgium Waffle
German Chocolate

Brazil nut
Canadian Club
Chinese Checkers

Does ‘Baked Alaska’ count?

French Vanilla
Egyptian Cotton

Double Dutch
Mexican turnover (As a magician, this is used quite a bit)
Canadian goose
Spanish Stairs (Located in Venice, Italy)
Spanish Steel
Venitian Blinds
Spanish Rice
Black Russian (Alcoholic drink)

French tickler
Siamese twins
Jamaican jerk chicken
Panama Jack