George is Dead

George Harrison passed away early Saturday morning.



Perhaps I should say: IMHO George Harrison died early Saturday.

Um…unless that was a criticism of some new project that he just released, I think you’re premature in the announcement.

Looking at Yahoo!'s London headlines, there’s nothing about George Harrison at all, other than an announcement of his release from the hospital following a radiation treatment for a brain tumor. But he’s not dead, apparently.

jayjay (resisting the urge to quote Python)

~~I wish he’d make up his mind…

If he keeps coming back like this, I’m buying a drum and getting into the Hari Krishna malarkey.

Sorry, having trouble parsing this. Does you mean:

  1. Your prediction was that he would die Sat morning (apparantly wrong)
  2. You think he actually died, but it’s being kept hidden from the press for some reason
  3. The radiation treatment changed him such that he isn’t really the Geroge Harrison of old anymore
  4. some other thing I can’t think of

Mod thing:

Wrong-o. Death isn’t a matter of opinion; it’s fact. On a quick search of reputable sources I found nothing to verify your rumor.

I’m locking this down. If someone can turn up a credible citation to support your allegation I’ll apologize. But based on what I can find right now, and your own comments, this looks like deliberate misinformation to provoke a reaction, i.e. trolling.

TVeblen for IMHO