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This was just too good to pass up. From the front page of “New Posts”:

**Did we get “balls” from Italian Immigrants?

Colbert’s balls**
:eek: :smiley:

** More UFO cover-ups
"Criminalizing Illegal Aliens "**

Cafe Society:

Films & television shows that have been 'de-gayed"
Sopranos 4/30 "Johnny Cakes"

No, I think you missed a spot.

For Terry Pratchett enthusiasts with money:
I have a can of salmon. Now What?

**Slightly Morbid (to me) Question

Is This Funny?**

A threesome in New Posts I liked:

Recovering ex-Catholics share your strategies
Someone broke into my apartment tonight.
Do bodies today need less embalming fluid?

Whoa…maybe not such a good strategy, eh?

One from MPSIMS:

**Wedding Observations
How to go through 5 diapers in one changing **

Putting the cart before the horse, are we? :smiley:

**Get yer Red Hot Sequential Threads here!
Damn, but I’m lucky. **

Me too!

Preventing oil-sludge buildup
Pork - The Breakfast of Champions

I think we need a little ignorance-fighting here… :dubious:

**Lost 2.20: “Two for the Road”
What would happen if we took a trip and only made left turns? **

Left turns, right turns, it doesn’t matter. It’s an island, silly!

**Damn, but I’m lucky.
I think I’ve located the dumbest and/or sickest person in the world **


Get yer Red Hot Sequential Threads here!
Seen on a sign across from Wal-Mart.

wow, a sdmb post is advertised accross the street from Wal-mart?

Is This Funny?


How to Go Through 5 Diapers In One Changing

Well… I for one would not be laughing…

From New Posts:

**My wife does not appreciate my nuts (probably TMI. probably.) **

Perhaps she prefers…

Colbert’s Balls



New Posts:

**Mascara Recommendations
Selecting randomly from five options, using only a coin
:dubious: Thought you wanted recommendations?

**Is Cheney insane?
Does chewing tobacco contain fiberglass?
Does a bear shit in the woods? :smiley:

**I think I’ve located the dumbest and/or sickest person in the world
Can Zombies send e-mail? **

I think zombies are a little past “sick”.

And from the Pit, a threesome:
Another repeat of a request
Lying whore.
No more iPods in France?**

All right, all right, no more iPods in France! Sheesh.

Strange cat behavior
The Mewing, my god, The Mewing…

You possibly know less about cats than you think :dubious:

** Do you wet your toothbrush before brushing?
Ask the hydrophobe! **

Okay. “Do you wet your…” “AAAARGGGHHH!!!”

A surprising amount of modern technology is almost totally useless
This is sure to piss someone off

98% of baby boomers trying to schedule their VCR to record Survivor agree.

To tiny ham:
Fond childhood memory turned demonic possession.

You know, as long as tiny ham is soliciting stories…

From GQ:

Placing coins on the Brides nipples wedding custom
HDTV Question: HDMI/DVI cable vs. Component

Definitely go with DVI. You’ll be able to make out the denominations a *lot easier…

**When potential employers ask you, " …
How Much For a Toe?
**…run. Quick.

**Help Me Pick a New Name Please!
Death is not an option **

OK, you want a new name but Death is out. Hmmm, let me see…

**Salty sayings

To tiny ham:**
I agree that ham can be salty but is that really a saying?

There’s a brown recluse in my room
So I’m Going To Antartica…

That is an extreme way to deal with the problem

From Cafe Society:

**TV Moments That Scarred You For Life

IT"S BACK!! Futurama Rises From The Grave! **