'Gina Haiku

As well-rounded as we all are, surely we can poetically express our feelings for the distaff pudenda as well. I’ll start:

Oh mysterious place
Often shaven, scented, damp.
Not the armpit.

Oh Mary Mary
Shave that thing, damn it’s hairy
Smells bad too, scary!

“Trying is the first step towards failure.” Homer Simpson

Oh pink aquafer
When garnished with chocolate
Always delicious

The cowboy and horse
Riding into the sunset?
Nay. Into the cave

Oh lovely kitten
Opening like a flower
Better than my hand

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Oh, boy! (Oh, girl?) One of my favorite subjects!

Delicate pink folds
With nectar sweet and tasty
Trembles at my touch

Or, on a more humorous note,

It tastes like seafood?
If seafood tasted like this
I’d eat it always

God is dead. -Nietzsche
Nietzsche is dead. -God
Neitzsche is God. -Dead

The pink clam of lust
Trembling with moist perfection
My tongue craves the taste

Say you’re a virgin?
Somehow I think you’re lying
Who’s class ring is this?

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

Is it just me, or does this thread already seem more…poetic?

Gushing milk river
Seeks to overflow the valley
Stopped, thanks to Trojan

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Residing within,
The little man in the boat.
The little man?

A woman’s legs,
Smooth from foot to calf to thighs,
At paradise meet.

(Hm. I’m getting way too “sensitive” here. Lest I ruin my Guy Stuff reputation, here’s another one…)

Tossed aside panties
Bear the Scent of a Woman,
Eau de Catfish.

Hello young lady!
You have not been forgotten,
We’re just resting you.

The doctor has said
To close up shop for a while
But not for too long.

Your man friend has had
Some surgery of his own
Just a little snip

When he is better
You two can play all night long
Free from all worry

No more pills or sheaths
No need for the calendar
Hooray! I can’t wait!

Rest easy, girlfriend
Your man is ready to pounce
Now, where’s that whipped cream?

Mouth of love awaits;
But wait; Scarlet moonish flow!
Not today, thank you!


“Believe those who seek the truth.
Doubt those who find it.” --Andre Gide

Oddly enough, I am trying to be real poetic this time around…

Object of my lust
A moistened invitation

Pink sweet folds of flesh
Surrounding my probing tongue
My pleasure is hers

Lustful labia
You control my every move
Forever I bow

Yer pal,

BURNMEUP – Class ring???

Thanks to you, I have just spit Diet Coke down the front of my blouse. Please post your snail mail address so I can forward you the cleaning bill. Nah – it’s worth a few bucks to laugh that hard. :wink:

Kisses trail lower,
Then she grabs both of my ears.
Mmmph mmph mph mmmph mph.

My dear señorita
Thank you for sharing
Chimichanga of love

“Give the Governor harrumph!”

These have all been good but those last two cracked me up. Now my co-workers want to know what’s so funny!!

“Vandelay!! Say Vandelay!!”

I heard they smell like
Fish; now I love fish, because
It smells like pussy.

How like an orchid!
Delicate and fragrant, too;
Women are lucky.

Camel toe; hair pie;
bearded clam; and dozens more
All names for heaven.

I’ll bring the razor;
I can no longer deal with
Pubes between my teeth.

Vagina haiku
flow from me; what is that chill?
My wife’s reading them!

Live a Lush Life
Da Chef

I am Love Oyster,
Often sought, though rarely caught;
I envy nothing.

Centre of woman
Still I have not sampled you
Hope is eternal

Hero For A New Millennium!

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I yearn to yodel
In the fertile, moist, steamy
Canyon of your love.

Bliss, she is smiling.
Now, to obtain a smile
That is vertical.

Joy beneath a skirt:
a mysterious heaven
smells like fish to me

Armed, dangerous…
and off my medication.

I love you so much
But attention is drawn
To your puckered neighbor