Got Macromedia Flash? Help me find a Snapple answer!

Snapple is putting rebus puzzles on the inside of their beverage caps, and one of them has us a bit confused.

It has a picture of a doll or a girl, +S+T, then L+1/2.

We think it’s Lass+S+T L+half, or “Last Laugh,” but if the doll/girl is supposed to be “lass” then why is the +S there?

You need Macromedia Flash to see the answers, and I don’t have it at work, but could someone with time on their hands check it out for me? It’s Puzzle #102, and here’s the URL:

Eternally grateful,

You are correct. According to the site, the answer is “The Last Laugh”

Thank you kindly, AR.

I guess the ‘S’ is just there to confuse you. I guessed pretty quickly that it should be “last laugh,” but that meant the girl should stand for “la” somehow. . . Then someone suggested “lass.”