Great Comic Book Exclamations!!

How many comic book / superhero catchphrases can we come up with? I don’t mean nicknames like “Your friendly neighbofhood Spider-Man”, but frequent utterances by the characters. I’ll do the most obvious ones:

Great Krypton! (Superman)

Up, up, and away! (Superman)

Great Hera! (Wonder Woman)

Sufferin’ Sappho! (Wonder Woman)

Avengers Assemble! (Captain America, or whoever is the leader of the team at the time)

It’s clobberin’ time! (the Thing)

Flame on! (the Human Torch)

Shazam! (DC Captain Marvel)

Yeeps! That should be neighborhood! Natch!

“Holy ______!” (Dick Grayson, the original Robin)

“Great Caesar’s ghost!” (Perry White)

“Holy moley!” (DC’s Captain Marvel)

“It’s buggerin’ time!” (Bob Glover from Preacher)

Great Googaley Moogaley - Liberty Meadows

Great Rao - Superman

Any statement involving Aunt Petunia - Ben Grimm

Don’t make me go Pompey on your ass – Mr. Furious

Imperius Rex – Namor

Ack! - Bill the Cat

“What Th’ ?” (Mark Trail)

“Not in the face! Not in the face!”

Whersh da whishkey?–Iron Man.


“OMIGOSH!” Courtesy of Archie and the gang.

My dad misread that when he was a boy. Well into his adulthood, he would exclaim “ah-min-gosh!”

“Imperious Rex!” (Conan the Barbarian)

“By Odin’s beard!” (Thor)

“Sweet mother of Jesus!” (Power Man/Luke Cage)


“Holy Jesus in a flaming canoe!” (Sam [of Sam and Max])

“Excelsior!” (Stan Lee :smiley: )

CROM AND MITRA! rjung got the Conan quote wrong! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Ack!” - Bill the Cat

Christmas! - Luke Cage (I think)

That’s “By Crom!” (Conan) and “Sweet Christmas!” (Luke Cage)

“Blast!” “Curses!” “Bah!” (any villain)

“Oh my stars and garters!” (Beast)

“To me, my X-Men!” (Professor X)

“Waaaaaaugh!” (Howard the Duck)

“Stupid, stupid rat creatures!” - Bone

You just can’t beat “Sockamagee!” (Robby in Dial H for Hero)

And speaking of "Great Caesar's ghost!"...

On this week's SMALLVILLE, a younger Perry White is condescending to the S'ville sheriff, calling her "Chief"...

She tells him to get out of town, adding "And don't call me 'Chief"!"  :)

Wonder Woman has actually said this?


I like Wonder Woman’s other ones, too.

“Merciful Minerva!”
“Great Thunderbolts of Jove!”
And of course, “Great Hera!”

SNIKT - Wolverine
My Spider-Sense is tingling - Spider-man(NO!)
This thread is pointless - Some guy

“Great Gaurdians!” Green Lantern

“I Like Squirrels!” A trainee of the Tick (cartoon, not sure if in the comics)

I always thought that was Namor, The Submariner