Guys: Has a woman ever asked you NOT to use a condom?

Alright, this is a might strange. I was getting busy with a lady friend Sunday night, our first time going all the way together. And she asked me “how I felt” about not using a condom.
At first I thought it was a trick question. Using a condom is de rigeur for me, but she was serious. She was infertile, and pregnancy wasn’t an issue. I asked her why, exactly, and she said something about her “comfort level” with me being very high. Basically, she liked me and wanted me to come inside her.
So, basically, I’m wondering if this kind of thing happens often. I wasn’t really weirded out by it, but it did strike me as a little odd. I suppose maybe I should’ve been flattered, but I can’t say that I was. I don’t believe she was truly trying to flatter me- she said she enjoyed the sensation of ejaculation when she slept with her ex-husband, but I was the only other man she’d ever considered doing this with.

So, has this happened to anyone else?

[sub]And before anyone asks, NO, I WON’T say whether we did or didn’t![/sub]


Yes, and I am possibly the stupidest man in America for going along with it. On the eastern seaboard, at any rate.

She wasn’t on the pill, and neglected to tell me this (although in my semi-drunken stupor I also neglected to ask).

I’m a woman and I have a strong preference for sex without a condom, but I only indulge in it when I’m in a long-term monogamous relationship. I wouldn’t do it even though I’m on the pill. If I were a guy, I would resist the temptation as well. I have a friend who supports a 12-year-old child because his girlfriend wanted to get pregnant and lied about being on the pill. Unless she’s had a hysterectomy, she doesn’t know she’s infertile. Sounds fishy. Listen to dutchboy.

Yep, my current lady in fact. And as I’ve been snipped, no probs in that line.

Yes they often insist on it. Hard to resist actually. Sex without a condom is so much better.

Yep, and, like and idiot, I went along with it. She said she just didn’t like the feel of a condom, but looking back on it, I’m pretty sure the real reason is that she wanted me to get her pregnant so she could pressure me into marrying her. I used the withdrawl method (not much, but better than nothing) and got lucky.

My wife for one much prefers the feeling of no condom…

And yes, sex does feel much better unwrapped, despite what they tell you in the condom ads. I’m rather enjoying myself now that my wife (the woman in the above story was the woman I dated before I met Mrs. Sublight) and I are actually trying to have a kid.

A few times, but one of them I got chlamydia from :frowning:


Of course, she was my wife, and we had other forms of birth control.

Sex certainly feels different without a condom. The stretchy latex reshapes things, so that she feels the difference. I know I certainly feels the difference, since without is, of course, more sensitive. And it can’t be denied that the texture of latex (or polyurethane, increasingly) is different from that of skin.

Yes, and I’ve refused every time unless they could produce the results of an HIV test. I’ve had a vasectomy so I wasn’t worried about fathering children. I watched my brother die of AIDS and I was worried about contracting an incurable disease. No condom, no intercourse. Period.

Yes. Both for reasons of feeling and to avoid the inevitable delay as the condom is deployed.

Once: my wife. I declined to comply, and later we sat down and discussed that right now would not be a good time to have children - we wouldn’t be able to support a kid.

I still use a condom, even though she’s on the pill, as it’s less messy and I never would know if she remembered to take the pill the night before. She hasn’t mentioned anything yet, though, which is a good thing.


On my first time, I was responsible enough to convince myself that I must use a condom, only to have my girlfriend insist that I not.

It cost me a relationship.

I was really not going to enjoy life if I was a teenage dad (disease never entered my mind), so I held my ground, and to this day it is one of my finest achievments. Nothing is more difficult than than decision I made. To this day, she is one of the sweetest, nicest, prettiest and most desirable girls (now woman) I ever knew.

I was diagnosed as infertile, Lizard.

Hubby and I decided after years of trying for children that we did not need birth control because of the infertility diagnosis.

I’m now pregnant with baby number 2.

Be very wary of that infertility… I’ll second what chula said!

Female and I vastly prefer without. However, there’s no way in HELL that’s happening unless I’m in a long-term monogamous relationship, and if I have the slightest concern even there, a condom is a must. My ex didn’t argue. Any future men will either go along with me on this or they too will be an ex – though if they want to use one even when I said they don’t have to, that’s perfectly okay with me!

Another girly here and another BIG vote for without!!

I’m married, 3 rugrats and hubby is snipped though, so I guess Im lucky :smiley: Daughter no 3 is the result of a moments madness (I can be very persuasive!!) We were lucky that it wasn’t really an issue at that time, but OH went to the clinic after that just to be sure!!

What whiterabbit said. Plus I believe in a backup method even with a condom. My sister may have all the family extroverted genes, but I think I’ll let her keep all the family stupid impulsive genes, too.

Wom. I’m really surprised that even this many guys have done it. It sounds like maybe her motives for wanting this might be a little suspect, since the only examples cited were women looking to get prego. This is a detail worth remembering. I do NOT want a kid right now.

Aren’t the polyurethane ones suposed to transfer heat better? I’ve never liked the latex ones becasue they deadened so much of the sensation. Out of curiosity I bought one of those Trojan microsheer polyurethane ones and tried it on. It did seem to transfer more sensation, although I haven’t actually had intercourse with one of them yet. Anyone else tried them?